Ancestry of James Arthur Eshelman


John Edward Eshelman

From Fulton Co. Indiana Handbook - Schools P-Z - by Wendell C. and John B. Tombaugh
Brief mention of him graduating Rochester High School in 1947, lists the other members of his graduating class. (Also lists a "Jean Eshelman" - IIRC, a counsin with whom he went to school. (Dennis is researching.)

Robert Russell Keith

1911 Dec 22 - Born, Hornbeak, TN
1920 Mar 4 - Father died
1933 Sep 28 - Daughter Anita born
1935 Sep 16 - Mother died
1970 Mar 12 - Died, South Bend, IN

Ernestine Rogers

1913 Feb 3 - Born, Dyersville, TN
1933 Sep 28 - Daughter Anita born
1970 Mar 12 - Husband died, South Bend, IN
1980 Mar 6 - Died, Rochester, IN

Robert Wesley Keith®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99

I think the info I've given here is correct - it is certianly more fleshed out than the 1878 info - but I mention this alternative record for research purposes. The census was taken in Wilsonville but there is no certainty that this was the birth town.

Roxie Ana Steward

Birth date confirmed by family Bible record in possession of Diana (Steward) Flesner.

Another record - highly inconsistent with the foregoing, and having the name wrong - but worth recording:
Notes born 10 JUL 1878 in Kentucky , died 16 SEP 1936 (one year different).

Hubert Keith

Served in the European Theater in World War II. Soon after returning home, committed suicide.

Alva Eugene Keith

Fraternal Twin to Evelyn. Died as a young child.

Listing with alternate name Alva Eugene Keith - probably it's right. (I previously had "Alvin" - will change this as likely better information based since it's more detailed.) I _think_ these are from cemetary records.

Allen L. Keith

The first records I had listed him as Allen T. Graves Keith - but everything else I can find (including records from his home county) lists him as Allen L. Keith. I'm therefore changing the entry to reflect that.

Some records give March 26 1950. More solid-seeming records give March 1851 but no day. I'm going with March 26 1851 for now.®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99
I think other information I have is more likely correct - it is certainly much more complete (especially for his son Robert, q.v.). Wilsonville is the location of the census, but there is no indication that it is a birthplace.

Here is another entry that has the same month and location but one year different. It's worth noting, and has many details. It is definitely the same person - the question is in the details. (I'll assume details are correct here unless directly contradicted by something else I have.)
Born March 1851 in Tennessee. Died 1926 (I have that it was 3 days into 1927).

Mary Jane Donnell

Another reference:
This one lists February 1853, d. 1926.
Based on census records.

John S. Steward

By family stories, he had a second wife and was buried halfway between the two of them.

Louisa Lavinia Ogles

According to Diana Flesner (granddaughter of William Steward), Louisa's name was pronounced 'loo-eye-za.'

George W. Reese

I don't think this is him - father's initial is wrong - but I list this for future reference:®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99

This one shows a George Reese living with a John Reese who was his BROTHER - and he would have had a brother named John Jr.®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99