Ancestry of James Arthur Eshelman


Lawrence Van Clett Manning

Many contradictory records exist on this individual. I give the links below without further comment:®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99

Armilda J. Swisher®ion=11&frompage=99

This birth year matches her husband's closely, and makes at least some sense - seems a *little* far back - but there are, fascinatingly, later births in the same county with the same name that are even a little better timed. I list these for whatever purpose:

A servant of A.A. Sulcer, borh in 1864 and 16 at the time of the census:®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99

Record of her birth 15 Nov 1863 in Ridge Farm, Vermilion, Illinois to William Swisher and Margaret Gephart, died 28 Nov 1937 (was William a brother of our Armilda?):®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99

Confirmation this is a different Armilda - a record of her marriage 23 Sep 1891 to Claus Axel Anderson - but gives her death now as 28 Nov 1947 rather than 1937:®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99

A further record gives her death in the 1947 date, and lists the location as San Bernardino, CA. It adds that the marriage occurred in Riverside, CA.®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99

Then, to throw things off even more, the birthyear of a possibly same person is given 10 years earlier - 1854 on Sep 28, with a death in Kansas on 9 Jan 1944 - but here (with an exact 10 year gap) is the daughter of William (Wilhelm) Swisher and Ruth Ann Hathaway!?!?!? She is then shown as having married a Joseph Hathaway!?!?!®ion=-1®ionfriendly=&frompage=99
The same submitter, though, added this other page, which falls more in alignment with everything else shown above, but possibly because it came from the LDS records:®ion=-1®ionfriendly=&frompage=99

For Wilhelm Swisher:
For Ruth Ann Hathaway and her parents:
For Joseph Hathaway:
But I don't think these are related... I think it's a wrong road.

Clarence Eshelman®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99

Obit Monday, April 14, 1947 - Clarence Eshelman - Rochester News-Sentinel - provided by Dennis Eshelman: Last rites for Clarence ESHELMAN, 72, who died Sunday afternoon at his home northeast of Rochester, will be read at 2 p.m. Wednesday by the Rev. Alvin ESHELMAN, Peru, assisted by the Rev. Benjamin THOMAS, of this city in Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church. Burial will be in the Akron IOOF cemetery. A lifetime resident of Fulton county, Mr. Eshelman was born June 21, 1874, in Henry township, the son of Jacob and Mary ESHELMAN. He married Nancy Evalene CLEMENS, Sept. 18, 1895. He was a member of the Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church. Survivors include the wife; two sons, Albert and Jay [ESHELMAN], Rochester; two daughters, Mrs. Marie HORN, Huntington, and Miss Hattie ESHELMAN, at home; and eight grandchildren. The body will be removed to the residence today by the Foster Funeral Home.

Nancy Eveline Clemens

1874 - Born, Fulton Co., IN
1888 Aug 25 - Mother died, Fulton Co., IN
1895 Sep 18 - Married Clarence Eshelman, Fulton Co., IN
1896 Nov 16 - Son Albert born, Akron, IN
1908 - Daughter Hattie born
1929 - Father died, Fulton Co., IN
1947 May - Husband died, Rochester, IN
1954 or '55 - Died, Huntingon, IN®ion=-1®ionfriendly=&frompage=99

Some variation on the tombstone:
(1) Eva, 1874-1955
(2) Clarence, 1874-1947"

Jacob P. Eshleman
False trail on possible parents, but contemporary:

Our Jacob Eshelman, positively identified, was born in Ohio as was is wife, and listed his occupation as farmer in 1880.®ion=0®ionfriendly=1880+US+Census&frompage=99

Notice that both of his parents were reportedly from Ohio as well.

Here he is:
His Fulton Co. marriage application in 1896 states he was age 46 - this confirms the stated 1850 birth date. This was for his second marriage, to Jemima Pontius.

One entry in the graveyard reference lists him as 1849-1928 - that's consistent with the age calculations above also.

From Fulton Co. Indiana Handbook - Schools P-Z - by Wendell C. and John B. Tombaugh
MEMORIES OF PRAIRIE UNION SCHOOL by Ralph Whittenberger as told to Velma Bright Prairie Union School was located one mile west and one-half mile south of Akron and was known as District 16 School. I attended this school for eight years and my father before me attended Prairie Union. My grandfather always told me that the first election in Henry Township was held in this schoolhouse. When the second schoolhouse was built, all of the work was donated except the actual building of the structure. The men of the community took their wagons and hauled the bricks to the site. The first school stood about 100 rods west of the second building which is still standing. The families which made up the school community were those of Mason Grogg, Elmer Heltzel, Philip Arter, Isaac Sriver, Elias Shriver, Peter Miller, John Davis, Rueben Whittenberger, William Sausaman, Jacob Eshelman, Nathan Pontius, Aaron Cutshall, Philip Kreig and Jacob King. Many times when the children married they would settle in the same community or move in with the parents, thus, several generations of one family would attend the school. Other families would at times move into the community and their children would then attend the school. Some of the boys in the family wouldn't get to go to school until all the wood was cut for winter and the corn was husked so it would take them longer to get through school.

Mary E. Putman

Her birthplace is listed as Ohio in census records of 1880 for her son and husband.

Obit of her brother Ira from 1933 - source not specified - quoted by Dennis Eshelman raises conflict on name (even though the "Putnam" name was very common in that part of the state).

Mary's obituary from Rochester News-Sentinel, Wednesday, June 16, 1937 - Mrs. Mary ESHELMAN, aged 83, passed away at noon Wednesday at the home of her son, Clarence ESHELMAN, a mile and a half northeast of this city. Death resulted from complications. Although Mrs. Eshelman had been in failing health for several months, her condition did not become serious until last Wednesday. Mrs. Eshelman who was born in Ohio had been a resident of Fulton county for practically all of her life. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob PUTMAN. The deceased was a member of the Methodist church. The survivors are a son, Clarence, and three sisters and a brother. Funeral services will be conducted Friday afternoon, 2 o'clock at the Clarence Eshelman home, with Rev. ESHELMAN of Akron officiating. Burial will be made in the Akron I.O.O.F. cemetery.

Magdalena Eshelman

Some elements here are reconstructed, including parentage. As I wrote Brian: "Magdalena is listed as a daughter of John and Barbara - in one place, it says she died 1861 - then there is a Magdalena, daughter of J. and someone, who died in 1884 - on my birthday! - and was presumably someone else. Best guess is that this is Jacob's daughter, named after her late aunt and dying as an infant."


"ESHELMAN, Magdalena, dau of J. & B., d. Sep 19, 1861, ae 3m-19d (broken stone)
ESHELMAN, Magdalena, Infant dau of J. & ?., d. Oct 10, 1884?, ae----- (not readable)
[NOTE: This stone read by compilers of this book in 1974, but not located by them in November, 1975.]"

Harlan J. Clemens

1846 - Born, Henry Twp., Fulton Co., Indiana
1869 Apr 4 - Married Nancy Margaret Bryant, Fulton Co., IN
1874 - Daughter Eveline born
Unk - Daughter Flora born
1876 - Son Thomas born
1881 May 1 - Father died, Athens, IN
1888 Aug 25 - Wife died, Fulton Co., IN
1895 Sep 18 - Daughter Eveline married, Fulton Co., IN
1910 Aug 7 - Mother died, Athens, IN
1929 - Died, Fulton Co., IN

Nancy Margaret Bryant

1848 Apr 25 - Born
1869 Apr 4 - Married Harlan J. Clemens, Fulton Co., IN
1874 - Daughter Eveline born
Unk - Daughter Flora born
1876 - Son Thomas born
1888 Aug 25 - Died, Fulton Co., IN


Flora R. Clemens

Thomas Wilbur Clemens

Dwight Clemens

Clara Clemens

David Clemans

1816 Jan 11 - Born, Bellefontaine, OH
1843 Apr 8 - Married Hannah Biggs, Fulton Co., IN
1846 - Son Harlan born
Unk - Daughter Minerva born
Unk - Son Alonzo born
Unk - Son James born
Unk - Son Floyd born
Abt 1850 - Mother died
Abt 1853 - Father died
1881 May 1 - Died, Athens, IN

Hannah Biggs

1820 Aug 2 - Born, Christiansburg, VA
1843 Apr 8 - Married David Clemens, Fulton Co., IN
1846 - Son Harlan born.
Unk - Daughter Minerva born
Unk - Son Alonzo born
Unk - Son James born
Unk - Son Floyd born
1881 May 1 - Husband died, Athens, IN
1910 Aug 7 - Died, Athens, IN

Minerva J. Clemens

Married George G. Craig, also given as Kreig

Alonzo Clemens

Lived in Miami County, IN

James Clemens

Floyd Clemens

Charles Manning®ion=11&frompage=99

Harriet Austin®ion=11&frompage=99

Isaac Clemans

Abt 1779 - Born, New Jersey. Mother may have died same year.
1801 Feb 3 - Married Elizabeth Carpenter, Harrison Co., WV
1816 Jan 11 - Son David born, Bellefontaine, OH
1843 Apr 8 - David's marriage was in Fulton Co., IN
Abt 1850 - Wife died, Fulton Co., IN
Abt 1853 - Died, Henry Twp., Fulton Co. IN

Elizabeth Carpenter

Abt 1785 - Born, Harrison Co, WV
1801 Feb 3 - Married Isaac Clemans, Harrison Co, WV
1816 Jan 11 - Son David born, Bellefontaine, OH
1843 Apr 8 - David's marriage was in Fulton Co., IN
Abt 1850 - Died, Fulton Co., IN