Ancestry of James Arthur Eshelman


James A. Donnell
Note: 1870 Obion Co, TN Census Dist 5 File 112b widowed

Mary Jane Tankersley

See - lists her husband as widowed in the 1870 census. - This also ties in with James A. Donnell's remarriage in 1871. Since her son Bascum was born in 1969, it couldn't be any earlier - I have, therefore, listed the death date as after Bascum's birth.

Bernettia V. Donnell

Bascum R. Donnell

Ida May Keith

Vada Lee

Verna? Lee

Noble Lee

Hix F. Lee

Robert W. Williams

Note: Obediah J. W. Davidson was appointed administrator of his estate

Sarah Jane Keith

Josiah Keith

Susanna Burton

William Huffstutter

Almon C. Huffstutter

Lucy Huffstutter

John Cooper

Lydia A. Keith

Henry Lewis Williams
1880 Obion Co, TN Census lists him living with nephews Robert Edward age 10 and Thomas J. Williams age 20, TN and son-in -law George W. C. Gambill age 21, TN

Margaret Patricia Keith
Note: Tombstone list birth as 5/15/1839

Priscilla L. Williams

Francis M. Keith

Martha C. Donnell

Note: Hard to read on 1880 census. Mattie is the name on the 1900 census 1910 & 1920 census living with her son, John

Calista E. Keith

Jimmie T. Keith

Maggie D. Keith

Brice? F. Keith

William Washington Davis

Note: 1880 Obion Co, TN Census Dist 12 File 112-14 (with 2nd wife)