Ancestry of James Arthur Eshelman


John W. Keith

Note: 1900 Obion Co, TN Census living with his father 1910 Obion Co, TN Census Dist 5 File 199a (mother is in the household) 1920 Obion Co, TN Census Dist 5 File 58a

Clara Shaw

Bruce Keith

Carrie Keith

Alden Keith

There are four living children not listed here.

Fannie B. Tanner

Dorothy Keith

John Huffstutter

Hannah Voyles

William Frank Huffstutter

Willie Melvin Gray

Bennie Alice Gray

Carrie Mae Gray

Stella M. Gray

Nolan Freeman

Beatrice Bishop

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> I have some more info to pass on to you.
> All of my fathers sisters are now deceased. the one you show
> as living is my Aunt Bea (Beatrice) Freeman. She passed away
> in October 2005 in Bartlett, TN.

John D. Williams
There are 15 children from the above link - other than Robert W., I haven't added any yet.

From this link, the following is found:

Note: Based on Census records and court documents & deeds I have from Obion & Dyer Co, TN & etc, these are his children & heirs..... Felix G. Hallums, son-in-law, was administrator of his estate. 7/3/1854 Charles S. Ledsinger was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of John Williams, Dyer Co, TN 1830 Obion Co, TN Census Williams John, 11220001-111101 1840 Obion Co, TN Census John Williams, 30101001-030011 1850 Dyer Co, TN Census pg 196a next door to Felix G. Hallum PROBATE OF DEEDS VOLUME 3 1850-1855 ( I have more complete deeds from other counties that does state the heirs of John Williams besides this) Ishmael Hamilton & Others to Deed 5/14 of 400 Acres R. T. Crockett & F. D. Hallum State of Tennessee Obion County Personally appeared before me, Allen S Hood, Clerk of the said County of Obion. Ishmael Hamilton, James S. Barnett, Frances Williams, Robert Williams and Martha J. Anglin with all of which I am personally acquainted and acknowledge the due execution of this foregoing deed to be their act and deed on the day it bears date and for the purposes therein contained. And afterward came Mary Hamilton, wife of Ishmael Hamilton ,and Lucity A. Barnett, wife of James S. Barnett, separate and apart from their said husbands with whom I am also personally acquainted and acknowledged the due execution of the same to be their act and deed on the day it bears date and for the purposes therein contained without compulsion or restraint on the part of their said husbands. Given under my hand at the office in Troy this 18th day of March 1853 Allen S. Hord, Clk State Tax 21 cents Clerk's Fee 50 cents


Edward E. Williams

George Washington Carroll Gambill
Note: 1880 census living in his father-in- law's household

Susan H. Williams
Five children I haven't added here - see profiles at the above link.

Stella J. Gambill

Fannie B. Gambill

Gertrude S. Gambill

Ollie F.? Gambill

Annie L. Gambill

John R. Donnell

Marcy Emma Carpenter

Lewis A. Donnell

Thomas P. Cooper
Note: 1850 Obion Co, TN Census Dist 9 with 1st wife 1860 Obion Co, TN Census Dist 9 with 2nd wife

There are 6 children listed at the above link. Other than John, I haven't yet added them here.


James Cooper

William Cooper

Margaret Cooper

Newton Jasper Click

Note: 1880 Obion Co, TN File 111-37 Dist 9 Newton was widowed by the 1900 Obion Co, TN Census file 96a Dist 6 1910 File 235a Obion Co, TN Census. & file 111-37 1920 Fulton Co, Ky Census Old Hickman Precinct Enumeration District 40pg 15b living with son, William & family

Lucinda L. Cooper

NOTE: Lydia L. is the name on the 1880 Obion Co, TN Census (Lydia was her grandmother's name, so my best guess is that it's also Lucinda's middle name, though that's a guess).

James C. Click

Jessie R. Click