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Jim Eshelman Welcome! In July 1999, I began this site as a small collection of articles gathered from my newsgroup posts and OnComputers “Geek Speak” radio broadcasts. With help and encouragement of friends and colleagues, acceptance of the technical press, and the frequent visitation of computer users around the world, it grew, in about a year and a half, to become one of the most widely cited and referenced Windows web sites in the world outside of www.microsoft.com itself. (This isn’t bragging — it’s numb-brained humility in the face of it all.) Please make yourselves at home and enjoy the site!

I’ve spent most of my life as a writer in one or another capacity, and practiced law for 14 years (ten of those in private practice). Presently I work in IT for Warner Music Group, and do occasional consulting for the Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness. Microsoft has been kind enough to strengthen my résumé by gifting me with its annual Most Valuable Professional award every year since 1999. — Jim Eshelman, Webmaster

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