Notes on Sidereal Sign Meanings

At the last year of his life, Garth Allen (Donald Bradley) collated his notes on Sidereal sign meaning. These are just bullet-points - each is subject to significant expansion. (He occasionally would spin one of these ideas into a whole column.) These notes were among the resources consulted as “ideas to test” when Anna-Kria King and Matthew Quellas assisted me in compiling from observation the Sidereal Sun-sign interpretations posted elsewhere on this site.

Both as raw material for other research, and for historic value, I thought I should make this entire set of notes public. They should be regarded as applying equally to Sun- and Moon-signs.

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(The Faustian Soul)
  1. Wherever ARIES goes, you can be the STATUS QUO will be disrupted.
  3. They are not like the Sagittarius "SOCIAL CLIMBER" but strive rather for LEADERSHIP. THIS IS THE POLITICAL CONSTELLATION.
  4. Aries is THE "MESSIAH" SIGN. Naturally agnostic, it is noticeable how few "diviners" there are in Aries, compared with the fact that so many true "WORLD TEACHERS" are born in it.
  5. Analytic minds. Can "see through" almost any scheme, trait, trend, etc. OBJECTIVE THINKERS.
  6. Inclined to die violent deaths. "Accidentitis." Suicide rates high in Aries. Always a "troubled mind."
  7. They do not mince words. Are daring in conversation, activity, and literature. Can hardly be classed as "orthodox."
  8. Aries = "THE EPICURE" or "THE SLOB"
  9. Aries is "Space- and Time-conscious."
  10. Aries is CYCLOTHYMIC (syntonic) in temperament. (Cf. Manilius) "Ups and downs," "heights and dumps," Mania-depression. Roller-coaster.
  11. Tendency to sacrifice ideal for opportunity - "to venture all for praise."
  12. Good at "art of pantomime" and "toast mastering." Med[ium]. artistic ability.
  13. As SCIENTISTS, tend toward "utilitarian view." Incline toward "dispersion of talent."
  14. Shares love of history and antiquity with Virgo.
  15. As authors, enjoy intellectual freedom, so are unhesitant to be unconventional in view and subject-matter. Aries can see "men's real wants, not only luxury."
  16. "No lack of effort," even if lack of talent.
  17. "SKEPTIC."
(The Apollonian Soul)
  1. Orientation to "Life of the Flesh" - somatonic in this respect. Orientation definitely to "youth" - love young people.
  2. Social contract must be intimate, personal, for Taurus to be comfortable.
  3. Sexually sensitive - "EROS" is a whole "inner world" for Taurus.
  4. Taurus can act brilliantly, but affectation is not "natural" to them. Male actors best, contrary to trends in most other signs.
  5. Thrives on philosophy - the Platonic tradition. Interest in occult, "born astrologers."
  6. "Universalistic Consciousness." Torch-bearers of true democracy. Will even give their lives to the "cause" for truth and democracy.
  7. Strong LIEBESTOD complex, yet not suicidal in the common meaning of the term, for Taurus clings unto life ("It's the only thing worth living for.")
  8. Intuitive understanding of others - "born" psychologists, criminologists, pastors, etc.
  9. Deeply religious, even mixes "spiritual" with "science."
  10. Love to put things poetically - hence many great poets.
  11. Aware of "Rhythm" - good dancers - "feel" the music as they listen.
  12. "DISTINCTIVE" singers.
  13. Can be very "cruel," but "surrender" completely to the one they love.
  14. Are more "spectator" than "star" in field of sports.
  15. Blurt out frank opinions, often at 'wrong time."
  16. Not "squeamish" where morals, toilet matters, etc. are concerned, but squeamish where blood and mortuary are concerned.
  17. "Fruitfulness" of Taurus is striking. Taurean women have large families.
(The Dionysian Soul)
  1. The most musical of all the signs, especially vocal and composers.
  2. Keenest sense of humor in zodiac - a reason why Gemini says "young."
  3. Most clear-cut orientation to YOUTH.
  4. Rather irreligious - insists upon "statistics," facts and figures. Gemini probably thinks more objectively than even Aries. Aries and Gemini are Kin in Agnosticism.
  5. Versatile talents.
  6. Poetry not musical enough - words by themselves are too dry and mechanical for Gemini.
  7. Sexually ALGOLAGNIC (sadistic or masochistic). Like to "rough it."
  8. Gemini is very COMMERCIAL (Capitalists in this sign). Gemini is the dollar sign and pound sign.
  9. Alcoholism or teetotalism, as poles of the same tendency.
  10. Greatest danger is "irresponsibility."
  11. Quick thinker, can whistle and blow smoke rings and be "business-like."
  12. Gemini females tend toward "boyishness." (Mercury - neuter)
  13. Not well suited to a political career, since they cannot seem to draw a sharp line between their public and private lives. Once they do this, however, they are guileless office-holders.
  14. Courage of their convictions, to speak the truth unhesitantly.
  15. As teachers, militarists, and organization heads, they are superb, for they get along swell with subordinates.
(The Magian Soul)
  1. Uncanny ability to create "systems" - Weltanschauung.
  2. "Curiosity" a primary trait - constantly putting puzzles together, finding out things, solving and creating mysteries.
  3. Decidedly self-centered - religious but not sympnathic.
  4. Too "eager" and "graspy" for most people. "Intent on gain."
  5. Messiah complex - will always manage to solve your problems for you.
  6. Great at histrionics and gesticulation - can vacillate moods quickly (story teller).
  7. Highly intuitive - looks right through you.
  8. Often loses good friends from SUSPICIOUS NATURE.
  9. Imagery is their most amazing faculty - can schematize and "technicolor" things endlessly.
  10. "Born" psychologists - can persuade any time.
  11. Ill-suited for political career though concerned about things political.
  12. Intensive drive to find fault - although he numbers "publicans and sinners" among his friends without batting an eye.
  13. Marvelous memory - has to learn things only once.
  14. Aligned to UNREALISM - "MAGIAN" - gravitates from "Apollonian forms." (Revels in occultism, numb to nomothetic viewpoints.)
  15. Shadow effect.
  16. Fantastic population of "unusual characters" springs from Cancer.
  17. Very adaptable.
  18. Manilius: "Set too fast a rate on TIME itself."
(The Arthurian Soul)
  1. The dignity of the human soul is Leo's primary purpose in living.
  2. Needs eminence or at least centricity - "satellites" also necessary.
  3. Deep moral nature - shuns profanity - luxury loving.
  4. Lend a touch of nobility wherever they go, even to the sciences.
  5. Highly dramatic - deeply philosophical.
  6. Often proud and over-bearing.
  7. Oriented to childhood, therefore viscerotonic.
  8. Society's mainstays ("Grand old men") and "Gentlemen."
  9. Tends to philosophize to ridiculous extremes when difficulties or the distasteful arise.
  10. Thrive in the status quo where mores and systems are concerned.
  11. Not very artistic or musical, but excels in literature and drama. Leo can "really put on a show" to delight rather than victimize the audience.
  12. Not noisy or flagrant (apart from drama).
  13. Loves position of authority - a "Benevolent Despot."
  14. Relatively low sexual drives.
  15. "Mellows with age" - become "symbols" in their respective fields.
  1. The secretaries of the zodiac: Historians, reporters, editors, and analysts. Constantly in touch with the "pulse" of the times (even their fiction is era-conscious).
  2. Hygiene and pain-conscious, shy, blushes easily. (In older age the Women become CALORY conscious.)
  3. Virgos are our best statesmen - concerned about "social welfare" and the "masses," yet never radical or too far left. They are "progressive" and "fighters" for social progress.
  4. Oriented to their immediate "environment" - are not stereotyped by tradition.
  5. Strong "purity" motif in Virgo.
  6. Tend to take life too seriously, should learn to laugh a little more.
  7. Their greatest asset is their awareness of the spiritual "nobility" of "man." Does not breed contemptuous mossbacks.
  8. Able to do "detail work" - love to write in common dialectical vernaculars. Thrive in "white collar" work. Economists.
  9. Best strategists and theoretic militarists.
  10. Become marvelous orators if having sympathetic audience, since extremely sensitive to others' criticism and gaze.
  11. The greatest jurors are born under Virgo - "The letter of the law."
  12. Virgo women make the world go around!
  13. Not very artistic by aesthetical standards - too "mechanical."
  14. They tend toward the ideographic sciences and make excellent psychologists.
  15. Leave it to Virgo to "get the facts!"
  16. Virgo's own sensitivity forevents his achievement (cf. Manilius).
  17. "Bird-like."
  1. BLACK SHEEP of the zodiac! Capacity for being misunderstood and criticized is almost limitless. Inherent problem of social adjustment.
  2. Like Taurus, sexually hypersensitive.
  3. Most "poetic" of constellations, for poesy allows them to escape] doldrums of life (cf. Manilius "Art of words").
  4. Tend to scatter interests - usually "do two things at once."
  5. Love of art; low on achievement in art.
  6. Essentially introverted, "spiritual" but not "religious." Few great religionists.
  7. Libra allows full play to feminine souls (two notable women scientists, but no male notable scientists under Libra).
  8. Wonderful sense of humor and dramatic ability.
  9. Poorest executives and "managers" - get to top but rarely stay.
  10. Politically [u]Doomed to FAILURE[/u] through PERSONAL WEAKNESSES. Can't seem to organize his life, thoughts, and interests so that one doesn't detrimentally infringe upon the other.
  11. LOVE OF PEACE - usually too visionary and least practical.
  12. Usually "get their foot into it" - "stick neck out" and get it stepped on.
  13. Simply find it difficult to be "down-to-earth" in viewpoints.
  14. (Tend to be analgesic?)
  15. Poor memories?
  1. "PROMETHEAN" - Remarkable ability to reduce abstract truths, arts, music, philosophical themes, into terms understandable to the jokelry.
  2. "DOers" rather than dreamers - THEORY MUST AUTOMATICALLY BE PRACTICE.
  3. Musical expression for sheer realization of factual life.
  4. BOLDNESS AND MORAL COURAGE - Barnstorming, revolutionary, redress for wrongs.
  5. True vision - a life "dream" - not passing fancies or ephemeral inspiration.
  6. Excels in military action ("last stand"=PERSISTENCE) yet not very tactful or strategic. Finds planning more difficult than actual execution of a plan. Deplores lethargy of society.
  8. Not squeamish, but very PHALLIC-sensitive.
  9. Creates best "effects" through startling force and unusual approaches.
  10. Not very artistic, since Art is by itself to static for Scorpio.
  11. Brilliantly imaginative and math-minded but inclines toward idiographic sciences. Difficult to divorce "art" from "science" in his mind.
  12. Strong "religious" drive, but only so CRITICAL FACULTY MAY EXPRESS ITSELF.
  13. Few good fiction writers (women are best and most enduring), and most fictional "successes" are throw-backs to their own youth. Incline toward poetry, which is more dramatic and dynamic than "art" per se.
  14. Remarkable analytic ability - hidden motives seldom escape their cognizance.
  15. Tendency to impatience.
  16. Prone to "SYNTHESIS" - easily mix politics with art or science. Seldom one-track minds.
  1. Urge toward higher station in society.
  2. Rightest and Hierarchic, both socially and politically.
  3. Improvement of present rather than new innovations and change.
  4. "Gentlemen," even in military matters.
  5. Expansive - "Principle of Magnitude" (Signature, shorthand, long stories, crests in musical composition, refurnishment).
  6. Keen sense of the poignant and dramatic, yet avoids "implications" of a problematical situation that is dramatized - the theme of philanthropy and BENEVOLENCE is used constantly as a "solution" rather than SPADE-CALLING.
  7. Poetic, yet more-preservant, and myth-building. Insistence on "Human Dignity."
  8. Intensely "Patriotic" - "My country, RIGHT OR WRONG," etc.
  9. "Kings" - yet with the common touch.
  10. Not very artistic, but rather musical and literate.
  11. Baton-wielding, symbolic of Jovian scepter.
  12. Money-gold conscious (symbolic rather than literal, i.e., "Smith's," "Goldplates of Naplin," etc.).
  13. Make excellent physicians and lawyers (jurists).
  14. Pronounce "Judgment" too excessively - tries to "play Zeus (God)."
  15. Very low sexual appetite.
  1. Lack of emotional understanding.
  2. Blasť boldness - exterior coldness.
  3. Discontent and escape (Juvenilism).
  4. Excel in statesmanship and homothetic logic (strategians).
  5. Individualistic in sports (lack of "team-sense").
  6. Disciplinarians (note educators).
  7. Makes up for lack of sentiment in Mechanical poetry.
  8. Economy (in music and words). FRUGALITY (Ben Franklin's adages).
  9. Gravitation toward THE PAST, tradition, status quo, social mores.
  10. Musical appreciation and instrumental facility (Rhythm = Mechanix).
  11. No great artists.
  12. Masters in the art of proverbs.
  13. Prohibitionistic - persistent - compensatory.
  14. Strong "father imago" - harking back to daydreams of youth (Adler).
  15. Capricorn tends to make "blanket" statements, which are Capricorn's forms of social injustice. E.g., "All lawyers are SOBs." - "All Communists are traitors," etc.
  1. Very musical - but excels in composition and singing (not instrumental).
  2. Most "scientific" of all constellations: delights in "discovery" - inventive, analytic.
  3. Must "grind and axe," even in fiction writing.
    • Fiction does not come easy with Aquarius.
    • Use common vernacular in writing.
  4. Rates extremely low in art (i.e. painting, sculpture, etc.).
  5. Excels in poetry, but strangely lacks depth here.
  6. "Natural Mysticism" - with social and historic overtones.
    • Shy away from complex Weltanschauung.
    • Yet not so "universalistic" as this fact might imply.
  7. Keen sense of humor, but not so subtle.
    • Difficult to "Put on an act" unless role "comes naturally."
  8. "Magnetic" appeal to "Groups," yet characteristically "set apart" socially.
  9. Gravitation toward the future (Cerebrotonic in this respect).
  10. Characterized by the "expectant eye" as tho expecting "something to happen" the next minute or so.
  11. Interested in social activity, yet "squares" themselves.
  1. Wanderlust - interest in foreign affairs.
  2. Passion to teach others - missionaries - excellent story-tellers.
  3. Rascalian approach - suave speech - a pleasant social address - "Toastmasters" - orators.
  4. A rather mystical, subjective approach to live and living.
    • Interest in the occult.
    • Ability to dramatize and lend color - altho, unlike Cancer, not essentially deceptive.
    • Love to make a "production" out of everything.
  5. Pacifistic - too likely to believe so in abstract justice that stark reality easily swamps them. Equally diplomatic and mediative.
  6. Gravitation toward tradition, but not in Saturnian sort - the introversion of visceratonia.
  7. Keen sense of humor and aversion to prohibitions.
  8. Very musical and rhythm-conscious, but not vocally (speech not song) - dancing.
  9. Scientifically, they incline toward PHYSICS.
  10. Strong religious drive, yet not fixed or intense, so conversion is easily made, then reversed.
  11. Worst faculty is deceit.
  12. IDEALISTS - VISIONARIES (Technocracy, Bellamy) - ROMANTICISTS.
  13. Incline toward the classics in art, literature, imagery, etc.

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