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New July 2, 2001

Many error codes from the Windows Disk Defragmenter do not appear in any generally available Windows documentation, nor in the MS Knowledge Base. MS-MVP Mike Burgess provided me, this week, with the following list, taken from a retired page on his Windows support website.

After running Defrag, the “result code” may be displayed as an error message but, in any case, can be found in the following Registry location:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Plus!\System Agent\SAGE\Disk Defragmenter\Result Codes]

Here are the codes. (They may have extra 0’s in front when you see them.)

“0” = “Completed successfully”
“2” = “Unsuccessful; not enough free space”
“3” = “The process was interrupted before completing”
“4” = “Unsuccessful; drive contains errors”
“5” = “Unsuccessful; error reading from drive”
“6” = “Unsuccessful; error writing to drive”
“9” = “Unsuccessful; not enough memory”
“10” = “Unsuccessful; the drive was invalid”
“15” = “Unsuccessful; disk was write-protected”
“26” = “Unsuccessful; could not access drive”
“105” = “Unsuccessful; drive was locked”
“106” = “Unsuccessful; could not access drive”
“108” = “Unsuccessful; could not access drive”
“109” = “Unsuccessful; 32-bit compression driver not installed”
“249” = “One or more drives could not be defragmented”
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