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Article last modified on May 22, 1997

[This used to be Knowledge Base article Q94671. It has been discontinued. It isn’t clear to me whether the discontinuation was because it is no longer accurate in some sense, though it certainly is dated. Nonetheless, it seems to be quite valuable so I am making its text available here. — JAE]

To categorize articles within the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) and to make finding information easier, Microsoft has developed a common set of keywords for use throughout the KB.

Each KB article has at least one subject keyword, and the first keyword in the list is the primary subject category for that article. There may be additional secondary subject keywords on that same line as well as type keywords (such as kbhowto and kbfile) that categorize the type of the article (such as a how-to article or an article that points to a file).

NOTE: The kbfile type keyword is required in all articles that point to a file in the Microsoft Software Library (MSL) in addition to the primary subject keyword.

NOTE: At the end of this article is a table that lists formerly used keywords and their replacements. [EDITOR’S NOTE: No longer available.]


KBCategory: kbref
Additional reference words: kbkeyword key word kbcdg dskbguide kbquery
Keywords : <product-specific go here> kbkeyword kbref keywords kbdocerr kbhw kbsetup
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