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If there is one consistent and invariable truth I have learned since starting this Web site in July 1999, this is it: Everybody loves freeware! And I don’t think it’s just because it’s free (though that doesn’t hurt a thing, either). Consider also that, outside of the very few giant commercial applications that more or less everyone needs and has, freeware is usually just about the best software you can find to make your computing fun and to tackle special tasks. Freeware writers make some of the coolest software that there is — and people love’m for it!

We have a reputation around here for recommending only the very best. On My Favorite Freeware, I only list programs I personally use and heartily recommend (see list at left). However, tastes and opinions vary, so site visitors are generous with their own recommendations of what they think you will like. Through the links below, this AumHa Freeware Portal gives you access to my favorites, their favorites, and a lot more. Enjoy!

My Favorite Freeware
I personally use every program listed here (or previously used it, on an earlier version of Windows). My guarantee to you is that I’ve used these, I like them a lot, and I can recommend them. As usual, your mileage may vary. Go to the page, or click on one of the programs in the list at the left of this page.
Other Freeware Recommendations
Freeware favorites recommended by visitors to my site. Many of these programs are very popular with many users. I don’t use them — either because I have no need for that type of program, or I have another one I like better — but I encourage you to check them out since YMMV. As I receive suggestions, items are added here as time permits. Categories include:
Submit Your Freeware Recommendations
This is where you can submit freeware recommendations to be included on this page. If the program interests me personally, probably I will add it to My Favorite Freeware. Otherwise, I will add it to Other Freeware Recommendations, listing your name as the source of the recommendation, and using (substantially) your description.
Forum: Freeware Recently Recommended by Visitors
Until I have time to evaluate a submitted program and put it up on one of these pages, I post the recommendation on a special section of AumHa Forums. Sometimes it just sits there — sometimes it stirs some interesting discussion and commentary by forum participants.


Freeware sites are all over the Internet. If you have one that you like and trust — terrific! But there are also thousands that are either downloading illegal (pirated) software, or their goodz are laced with viruses and parasites that will infect your computer. Be careful! If you don’t find what you need on my site, I recommend TinyApps.org, or Pricelessware. Pricelessware, in particular, is a very clean freeware site based on recommendations of alt.comp.freeware participants.

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