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Last Updated March 2, 2007
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I DO NOT USE ANY SOFTWARE ON THIS PAGE. These pages are for freeware suggestions site visitors have made for which I, personally, have no need and no interest. I can’t (and don’t) vouch for anything here.
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  If you don’t find what you need here, I recommend Pricelessware, a very sound, clean freeware site based on recommendations of alt.comp.freeware participants.  

My Favorite Freeware McAfee AVERT Stinger Stand-alone light-weight AV scanner.
Trend Micro Sysclean Stand-alone effective cleaner from an industry leader.
AntiVir Personal Edition
Added 7/18/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “Comes with free online updates.” By H&BEDV Datentechnik. (Recommended by Doraemon & others)
Mr. E.’s Note: Normally when users submit freeware recommendaiton leaving empty several pieces of requested data, I just ignore the submission. In this instance, many people had verbally recommended the product to me, but none of them submitted it for inclusion — so I grabbed the only submission that eventually came through and filled in the blanks a bit myself. Please, when submitting freeware for inclusion, complete all blanks on the submission form.
Avast! 4 Home Edition
Updated 3/2/07
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “This is a free antivirus program that runs continually and updates itself live. It comes with its own email scanner and is always checking email, unlike AVG. The interface is sweet. You can up your level of protection very easily. Also, when I sent an email to myself it does say it was scanned, unlike my AVG. It also watchs the majority of Instant Messengers, such as MSN and Yahoo. I did notice after I loaded it that it said I didn’t have my paging file set correctly and had to up the paging which was a very cool feature. I have it running fine after a bit of modifing the paging and it did lock up after doing so and when I forced the system down and rebooted Windows 2000 took care of the problem.” By ALWIL Software. (Recommended by Skeletor)
AVG 7.0 Anti-Virus System
Free Edition

Updated 2/13/05
“A nicely featured free virus scanner which monitors your system as you work.” “AVG 6 is no longer supported as of 2/15/05. You must now get the updated free AVG 7. I have used AVG for years, works great.” By Grisoft. (Recommended by MS-MVP Bert Kinney & Neil Wingenroth) MS-MVP Robear Dyer added: “Some OE/Win9x users are seeing problems with AVG 7 Free’s email scanning. As long as definitions are kept up-to-date and AVG is running in the background at all times, users may safely disable email scanning without comopromising security.”
Little Memory Scanner
Added 2/25/04
“The smallest virus-scanner available. Scans running system processes and user defined files for known/unknown malware. Features auto-update, and new version alerts. Updates released periodically.” By Richard Maudsley. (Recommended by the author)
WinHKI Antivirus
Added 10/2/04
“I use AVG on my System and it works very well. This small Antivirus works without database, only with checksums — no trouble with any other antivirus tools.” By Hanspeter Karl Imp. (Recommended by Kai Richter)

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