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Last Updated January 2, 2008
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I DO NOT USE ANY SOFTWARE ON THIS PAGE (except those in the My Favorite Freeware box). These pages are for freeware suggestions site visitors have made for which I, personally, have no need and no interest. I can’t (and don’t) vouch for anything here.
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  If you don’t find what you need here, I recommend Pricelessware, a very sound, clean freeware site based on recommendations of alt.comp.freeware participants.  

My Favorite Freeware Aida32 Expanded System Information utility for both hardware & software
DocMemory Extensive tests on RAM, either as single-pass or burn-in
NTFS Reader Read & copy files on NTFS partitions from a DOS boot disk
TestCPU Identify what CPU is in a computer, its features, simple benchmarks
Windows Kernel Toys Like the PowerToys, but geekier – includes WinTop
Belarc Advisor
Added 6/16/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP/2K3. “This provides the most complete report on a computer system that I have ever found: the OS, the various boards and peripherals with all their numbers, drive space, specs, etc. etc. PLUS all the installed software with versions numbers and other information. Last time it also put red X's besides some Windows updates with "Reinstall" in bold letters plus a details link which led to the relevant MS KB articles.” By Belarc. (Recommended by Dolores Palomo and others)
Mr. E.’s Note: I prefer Aida32 by Tamas Miklos & Miklos Andrasy. It has an astounding amount of information, and a far superior interface than the web-driven Belarc software IMVHO.
BigFix Consumer
Added 11/28/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP/2003. “ Even though I live with a Network+ Visual Basic guy, recently after he doubled the RAM to 261 and added a new drive being 10 GB I had to install BigFix because it kept restarting itself and not reading the new drive (disappeared) and BigFix found an update for Microsoft data access components MDAC. Before it started to drag when loading and now it’s perfect. I’ve used this program to fix everything; it’s free, only the corporate version costs.” By BigFix, Inc. (Recommended by James Taylor Bellisle)
Mr. E.’s Note: Primarily (but not entirely), BigFix is a patch manager. That is, it tells you what Windows Update items it believes you should have. If your system is already up-to-date, you’ll probably find it to be an unrepentent nag that rarely if ever delivers anything worthwhile; however, for those who don’t maintain their systems well, don’t keep up with patches, and generally don’t know the state of their system, it can be useful in troubleshooting obdurate problems.
Fresh Diagnose
Added 3/25/03
Not recommended. Betrayware.

This benchmarking and system information tool has been identified by a reputable site as adware, pure and simple. See: here. I considered removing this entry from the page altogether, then realized I could do more good by leaving it, but with this warning.
PC Wizard
Added 9/29/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “This the only worthy addition to Belarc adviser I know of. In fact, it reports much more about your system hardware. If this doesn’t disclose it, then it probably doesn’t exist!” By CPUID.com. (Recommended by Frank Pita)
System Information for Windows
Added 4/10/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP/2003. “A lot of information (hardware and software) about your computer. A network (IP) scanner. And more...” By Gabriel Topala. (Recommended by Mihai Lupu)

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