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Last Updated November 11, 2008
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I DO NOT USE ANY SOFTWARE ON THIS PAGE (except those in the My Favorite Freeware box). These pages are for freeware suggestions site visitors have made for which I, personally, have no need and no interest. I can’t (and don’t) vouch for anything here.
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  If you don’t find what you need here, I recommend Pricelessware, a very sound, clean freeware site based on recommendations of alt.comp.freeware participants.  

My Favorite Freeware Ad-Aware Spyware/adware/parasite remover
IE-SpyAd Block adware/spyware from ever reaching your computer
Restoration Restore deleted files no longer in the Recycle Bin
ABC Chaos
Added 5/20/02
For Win9x/NT/2K/XP. “Encrypt text files, images, documents, programs and entire folders giving additional security to your information.” By Investment Resources Group. (Recommended by Alexandr Thomson, Investment Resources Group)
AES Free
Added 11/7/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “AES Free creates self-extracting encrypted AES-files for Windows. [These are files encrypted using the 128-bit AES algorithm. – Mr.E] Self-extracting files are executable programs (EXEs) that contain an AES-file and the software necessary to decompress the contents. Users can decompress its contents simply by running it like any other program. No other software is needed. These self-extracting AES-files are ideal for storage and electronic distribution of information because they contain multiple compressed files and folders.” By Safe Soft Corporation. (Recommended by Alexandr Benson)
Bazooka Adware & Spyware Scanner
Added 9/13/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “There are at present two great programs (SpyBot and Ad-Aware) on this sector. Now a new aid is added. This program makes a good impression and is worth to be tested. Bazooka Adware & Spyware Scanner search for CoolWebSearch, Gator, GAIN, Bargain Buddy, CommonName, FlashTrack, IPInsight, n-CASE, NetRatings, SaveNow, Wurldmedia, etc. To stay up-to-date with the new spyware and adware the latest threat definition is always available from the Bazooka web site.” By Kephyr. (Recommended by Kainor)
Added 8/8/05
For 9x/NT/2K/XP/2003. “ Gives you control over BHOs: presents a list of BHOs and much information over them if you want it. Gives you the choice to disable BHOs or leave them enabled. If you let it start in the Systray, it monitors the Registry for the isntallation of BHOs and gives you a warning when needed. This program seems trustworthy. It claims that it can disable BHOs better then from within IE. I went to it because the new TrendMicro online scan gave me false positives on two BHOs when I let it scan for spyware too.” By Definitive Solutions, Inc. (Recommended by Carael Patrick)
CHAOS Generator
Added 4/23/05
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “Generates passwords of any length and character content. Will create alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric, or all keyboard characters passwords of user-defined lengths. The passwords are displayed and can be copied to your clipboard.” By Safe Soft Corp. (Recommended by Alexandr Benson of Safe Soft)
EliteToolbar Remover
Added 8/8/05
“The website below is dated February 21, 2005. Its author has a program that must be run in Safe Mode that has actually removed the MiracleSearch program from my system. I did not have to resort to HiJackThis at all! Before this I had disconnected my modem, then used Ad-Aware (with the System Restore off and on), SpyBot, Spysweep, Norton Antivirus, and more. You can only imagine how happy I was to have my pc back under my control again! The searches I was doing to try to get rid of MiracleSearch led me here. Please check it out and pass it on to others if you decide it's worthy.” By Giancarlo Calo. (Recommended by Deborah Hoppe)
Updated 7/4/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. Advanced, highly secure deletion program for hard drives. Integrates fully with the Explorer shell. Based on Peter Gutmann’s paper “Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic & Solid-State Memory,” involving 35 random passes. Even gives you the option of creating your own overwrite passes! Allows scheduled or on-demand erasing of free disk space. For installation instructions and further information read this. Originally by Sami Tolvanen, with development now taken over by Garrett Trant / Heidi Computers Ltd. (Recommended by Derek Vincent and others)
Added 11/28/03
For Win XP. “This tiny utility enables locking of a Win XP workstation even if the Fast User Switching is enabled. How it works: It gets the current status of FUS and stores in memory; disables FUS in registry; locks the workstation; and when the utility is terminated (exit), resets the old value (the FUS status) back in the Registry. (The key altered is AllowMultipleTSSessions.) This is a known technique.” By MS-MVP Ramesh Srinivasan. (Recommended by the author)
Outpost Firewall
Added 7/4/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “Since ZoneAlarm caused my shutdowns to drag out to about 2 minutes, I found this firewall that restored my shutdowns to nearly instantaneous. I've found it to be at least the equal of ZoneAlarm for protection, confirmed by several firewall testing sites. Also, Outpost has more features than ZoneAlarm and its operation is more intuitive. One caveat: Don’t mess with the default settings unless you know what you’re doing — there are enough options to get the uninitiated into trouble.” By Agnitum, Ltd. (Recommended by Jeff Seemuth)
Password Corral
Added 11/18/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “Password manager software that offers 128-bit encryption and a clean, simple to use interface. I have hundreds of entries in this application, including web sites, servers, PINs, credit card info, etc. Stores description, username, password, and text. Hyperlinks will launch web browser to go directly to that page. Clean install – does not put files outside of its own folder.” By David Fornalsky. (Recommended by John Chiaramonte; also by Roger Sperry)
Added 10/3/04
For 9x/2K/XP. “A proxy that sits between your web browsers and the internet. Proxomitron rewrites incoming HTML based on customizable filters. Thus, it can do such things as kill annoying or malicious JavaScript (including pop-ups), disable Flash ads and Java applets, halt animated GIF images, and even rewrite HTML header information to do such things as rewrite the browser string. Development on the program itself has ceased, but the true power is in the filters, for which there are good alternate filter sets found on the site’s “Resources” page. (JD5000’s filter sets are excellent.) I’ve had NO spyware, malware or other internet nasties get into my computer since I started using it. Don’t surf without it!” By Scott R. Lemmon. (Recommended by Neil Rudish)
Added 3/25/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “Easy to install and works great. I suggest running it as service.” By Fortech. (Recommended by Michael Conway)
Quick Hide Windows
Added 2/17/02
“Instantly hide any or all windows on your desktop with a press of a hotkey combination. Bring them back with another combo. Hiding the taskbar and desktop icons is just awesome. Password protection allows you to lock QHW to prevent intruders from trying to show invisible applications while you’re gone. You can even lock your computer with QHW instead of a weak, easily hackable screensaver password.” By CronoSoft. (Recommended by CronoSoft)
Added 7/31/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “SpywareBlaster doesn’t scan and clean for spyware — it prevents it from ever being installed. This software installs a ‘kill bit’ (a line of code) for spyware ActiveX controls in the Registry. It can also block spyware tracking cookies by entering a block list in IE. Basically, it’s a database of spyware junk that the author keeps updated. Tthe software installs that data on your machine. The software does not need to be running to be useful, since it installs it’s data in the registry and in IE.” By Javacool Software. (Recommended by Manny Carvalho)
Mr. E.’s Note: For ease of use and effectiveness at blocking spyware, I prefer IE-SpyAd by Eric L. Howes. Not a program — just a highly effective Registry patch, frequently upated.
Added 7/31/03
For 98/ME/NT/2K/XP. “SpywareGuard provides a real-time protection solution against spyware by catching and blocking spyware before it is executed. An anti-virus program scans files before you open them and prevents execution if a virus is detected — SpywareGuard does the same thing for spyware.” By Javacool Software. (Recommended by Manny Carvalho)
Added 2/19/02
For Win98 or later. “Opens a warning dialogue when any program tries to register itself to run at startup, and permits the user to deny permission. For large installations (e.g., Office) it’s best to exit this program; but it comes into it’s own for all the annoying things that add themselves to Windows startup at every opportunity. Also a very handy tool for catching Trojans and viruses that slip past the AV.” By Mike Lin. (Recommended by Shane Beatson)
Added 9/13/04
For 2K/XP. “This free little app can benefit the security of millions of Windows users: It very easily closes all of your TCP/IP ports that are open by default on Windows 2000 (or Windows XP for users who can’t install SP2 just yet).” By Nonebar Security. (Recommended by Tim Edwards)
Added 4/26/02
For Win9x/2K. “VisualZone Report Utility does for ZoneAlarm what VisualICE does for BlackICE. Though truly one of the best software firewalls around, ZoneAlarm does an even worse job of gathering and displaying information about attacks than BlackICE. VisualZone collects information during an intrusion to complete all the info ZA missed (and ZA misses a lot!).” By Visualize Software. (Recommended by Bob Erkamp)
Windows Worms Doors Cleaner
Added 9/13/04
For 2K/XP/2003. “ This nifty little utility uses a simple user interface to close Windows services with known vulnerabilities. These services are typically enabled but can’t easily be closed through the OS interface. It requires a Registry modifications to close these services. No more, with this utility. Click the button to turn them off and back on when needed. Couldn’t be simpler. Even with Windows patched, these services still have ports listening and exposing them to potential new worms. If you don’t need these things open, close them. For example, if you aren’t using NetBIOS, why should port 445 be listening? This is the easiest way I know to close it.” By Guillaume Kaddouch. (Recommended by Manny Carvalho)
Added 8/8/05
For 98SE/ME/2K/XP. “Great free Internet firewall software! ZoneAlarm effectively, makes your PC as invisible to the Internet as you want. Blocks most common port attacks and has default “low,” “medium,” and “high” levels of security settings even a novice can use to protect his or her PC against unwanted attacks from the Internet. Great product! Highly recommended!” By ZoneLabs. (Recommended by Scott Barrentine)

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