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Last Updated May 9, 2005
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I DO NOT USE ANY SOFTWARE ON THIS PAGE (except those in the My Favorite Freeware box). These pages are for freeware suggestions site visitors have made for which I, personally, have no need and no interest. I can’t (and don’t) vouch for anything here.
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  If you don’t find what you need here, I recommend Pricelessware, a very sound, clean freeware site based on recommendations of alt.comp.freeware participants.  

My Favorite Freeware ERUNT Backup the Win NT/2K/XP Registry
FontList Make an HTML file displaying your fonts
Irfan View Graphic-file viewer, scanning, editing, format conversion, more
Letter Assigner In Win95/98, reassign drive letters at will
NTRegOpt Optimizes Win NT/2K/XP Registry like ScanReg /opt in Win98
QuickRes NT Like the QuickRes PowerToy, but for NT, 2000, XP
ShortKeys Lite Text-replacement or macro utility
Shutdown.exe Log off, shutdown, restart, hibernate, or stand-by in Win XP
WinKey Use the Windows Key to launch any executable file, or open any folder
Added 6/16/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP/CE. “A free scientific, engineering, statistical, and financial pocket calculator simulator program for Windows, including desktop versions and Pocket PC for PDAs. It includes a very comprehensive set of conversions, constants, and physical property data, a built-in periodic table of the elements, number base conversions, vectors, matrices, and complex numbers. It also includes features such as a stop-watch, logic functions, and Roman Numeral conversion. It is especially suitable for the scientific, engineering, medical, and teaching professions and in finance, but has been picked up by users in all walks of life.” By Flow Simulation Ltd. (Recommended by Bill Ayers)
CDBurnerXP Pro
Added 10/4/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “A free CD burning program. Not quite as full-fledged as Nero Burning ROM, but very capable. Has a very clean-looking design. I burned just one ISO image with it, so I can’t say I’ve fully tested it. 23 MB installed versus typical 48 MB for Nero. Might be good on rescue disks.” By Stefan Haglund & Fredrik Haglund. (Recommended by Daniel Bond)
Added 11/29/03
For 9x/2K/XP. “Want to turn your computer into a graphics calculator? This fine piece of freeware will solve complex math equations, evaluate functions, and plot them on a resizable graph. It will even solve the first derivative of your function. It supports trig and hyperbolic functions and their inverses, as well as natural logs. Precision is to 8 decimals. The Help file explains the algorithms the author employed to assure the best possible accuracy of the solutions. There’s a small learning curve, and it seems a bit finicky about how some operation strings need to be entered (a few examples are available under the Help button). The site’s FAQ page proclaims Deadline to be completely free with no attached advertising.” By Ionut Alex. Chitu. (Recommended by Lee Meister)
Added 9/26/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “FontXindex is a small (15K) program that prints a list of your computer’s fonts to your default printer. Each font name is printed using the corresponding font’s typeface for quick reference” By Christopher D. Wingo. (Recommended by the author)
Kirby Alarm & Task Scheduler
Added 9/28/04
For 95/98/NT/2K/XP. “Kirby Alarm is a completely free alarm and task scheduler that will pop up a note, run a program, play a sound, or send an email at user-defined intervals. It has a 99% approval rating from nearly 300 users on Download.com.” By Ian Cook. (Recommended by the author)
LFN Tools
Added 9/26/04
For DOS or DOS mode to access compatible FAT. “Use these stand-alone command-line programs as LFN-aware LDir, LCopy, LRen, LDel etc. alternatives in DOS or DOS mode. Requires direct access to disk, i.e. won’t work through other drivers such as NTFS-supporting TSRs. LCopy D:\* C:\BADHD /A /S will salvage the entire volume D: without bogging down on bad-sector retries (as for example a BING image does). Absolutely essential data recovery earth-mover, IMO.” By Odi. (Recommended by MS-MVP Chris Quirke)
Added 12/1/03
For Win XP; maybe earlier also. “NetRun is a great little ditty. It recognizes Internet or LAN connections, and will launch whatever you place in the interface. This is great, you can launch your sandbox, firewall, even your AV, and browser automatically whenever you enter a network. This puts NetRun in the startup folder, but takes everything else out. Sweet.” By CzarSoft. (Recommended by Perris)
Mr. E.’s Note: Bottom line, this appears to be an auto-launcher for applications or utilities you want to startup once you connect to a network (including the Internet). The author only mentions that he had to write this for Win XP because earlier apps no longer worked for him; I have no information on whether it works for earlier Windows versions, though I would certainly expect it to work for Server 2003.
Added 12/1/03
For NT/2K/XP. “Feeling cheated because when I defraged it took forever and never defraged the paging file or the Registry hives. Having an office defrag program I can see that thick block being the paging file. After using this program, I can tell that it becomes defraged and amazingly improves the reaction time.” By Mark Russinovich. (Recommended by James “Vortech” Bellisle)
Added 12/1/03
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “This program allows one to save volume settings to files so that one doesn’t have to go into the volume control to change settings. I save my files to the the desktop so that if I want to change settings or if some program lowers my volume, I click on a file and my settings are changed or restored.” By Martin Saxon. (Recommended by John Schwery)
Added 4/9/04
For 9x/2K/XP. “It’s a snapshot tool, very useful when you install a new software. The Registry and the disk(s) are scanned before and after the installation. Results exported in .TXT or .HTML. Not powerful as Total Uninstall, it has no built-in uninstall function, but you can uninstall with UndoReg, another freeware which reads the Regshot report and deletes the keys. Very intuitive interface: only one window with 6 buttons. More useful if you want to see the changes when you do a specific task like cleaning the TIF, using System Restore, modifying a value in Explorer Options, etc. Tiny: an executable of 44 KB. Multi-Language: English, French, etc.” By TiANWEi. (Recommended by Pierre Griffet)
Saint Martin’s Synchronization
Added 9/26/04
For 9x/NT/2K/XP. “SMS is a console application for a one-way synchronization of logical disks and/or folders. Any number of source folders, excluded folders and file extentions to process or exclude may be specified in one task. The program saves old versions of files from specified subfolders, erases temporary files and writes logs. It works in different ways with the archive attribute and makes checks of logical compatibility of specified parameters. Results of synchronization may be previewed in one of two test modes. All program’s messages as well as the help info may be translated to any language of Western group.” By Saint Martin. (Recommended by the author)

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