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Use this form to suggest freeware that you think would be valuable or interesting to other site visitors. If it interests me personally, I may add it to My Favorite Freeware. Otherwise, I will add it to Other Freeware Recommendations, listing your name as the source of the recommendation, and using (substantially) your description. If you don’t provide your FULL name, I probably will not post your recommendation.

Until I have time to evaluate it, I will list the freeware temporarily on my Submitted Freeware Forum where it may attract comments from other forum participants.

Please provide the software creator’s own site or link, not a secondary site. Though sites such as MajorGeeks, Tucows, and PCMag are reputable, I don’t link to software through secondary sites. This helps avoid inadvertent piracy.

Some fields at the right are required. I need these to evaluate the freeware and add it to the site in a useful way, or to communicate with you. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and bold colored text. Please provide all other information that you can. After you click Submit, you will get a confirmation page if your submission is successful.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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You will be get a confirmation page if your submission is successful.
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