Pictures of some of my fellow
Desktop Systems
When we got together in September, 1999.

Too many names to include (and I don’t want to blow their cover <vbg>)
but you probably would recognize every name here
if you frequent the Microsoft peer-support newsgroups.

NOTE: Find the Easter Eggs in the pictures below – Have fun looking!

Lee Chapelle

Lee Chapelle & Ron Badour
These two got me into the MVP program.
It was Ron who first suggested I start a web page.

Alan Edwards
Half the population of Tasmania
(His charming wife, of course, is the Better Half <g>)

Mark Ferguson

Richard G. Harper

Richard G. Harper
observing paranoid stranger on bus

Richard, Ron & I
during groundbreaking chemical experiments

Hal Hostetler

“Sky” King
He was the first to propose me
for the MVP program.

Bert Kinney

Tom Koch & Delwin Lee
Riding the Outlook Express

Patty MacDuffie & Sandi Hardmeier
(Not taken at the summit – both were given the
MVP award a few weeks after, but their pictures
have been in high demand – so here they are!)

Ron Martell
(He was at the summit, but I only had blurry pictures;
so I lifted this one off his web page. He’s in the one
at the top, too, half-way up the right edge.)

Alex Nichol

Alex Nichol & Alan Edwards
Solving deep Windows mysteries

Ovidiu Popa

Tom Porterfield

Frank Saunders
He kept hiding from the camera at
the summit. This wasn’t taken there.
(Well, he does appear to be at SOME summit!)

Len Segal

Attila Szabo (MrScary)

Four Rascals
Tom Porterfield, me, Ron Badour, Alan Edwards
(We just robbed a bank, as you can see: Tom carried the plans.)

Patty LaBarge
The newest Desktop Systems MVP –
but in no sense a newcomer!

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Desktop SystemsMembers Gallery

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