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Updated February 14, 2007

There are many valuable newsgroups on the msnews.microsoft.com server, on nearly every available topic and in many different languages. Clicking the links below will automatically create any necessary account configuration in Outlook Express or Wndows Mail (or other default newsreader program) and take you directly to the newsgroup you have selected — no complicated technical configurations are needed!

I strongly encourage you to visit the newsgroups with a newsreader such as Outlook Express. Generally, people seeking help are better able to find answers posted to their questions using a newsreader than if they use Microsoft’s alternate web interface. These links make that easy to do.

academic alliance repository
access 3rdpartyusrgrp
access activexcontrol
access adp sqlserver
access commandbarsui
access conversion
access dataaccess pages
access developers toolkitode
access devtoolkits
access externaldata
access forms
access formscoding
access gettingstarted
access internet
access interopoledde
access macros
access modulescoding
access modulesdaovba
access modulesdaovba ado
access multiuser
access odbcclientsvr
access queries
access replication
access reports
access security
access setupconfig
access sqlupsizing
access tablesdbdesign
active directory interfaces
activex controls
activex programming control webdc
activex programming control webwiz
ado windowsce
adsi general
applicationcenter admin
applicationcenter clb
applicationcenter healthmonitor
applicationcenter nlb
applicationcenter setup
applicationcenter usage
ar inetexplorer ie6beta
au technet
au xbox
ausnz msf
axapta application
axapta database
axapta localization
axapta programming
backoffice sbs beta
backoffice server
backoffice server beta
backoffice smallbiz
backoffice smallbiz2000
backofficesvr setupconfig
basic dos
basic other
be oem
biztalk accelerator finserv
biztalk accelerator forsuppliers
biztalk accelerator hipaa
biztalk accelerator hl7
biztalk accelerator rosettanet
biztalk admin
biztalk appintegration
biztalk framework
biztalk general
biztalk library
biztalk newuser
biztalk nonxml
biztalk orchestration
biztalk sdk
biztalk server
biztalk setup
biztalk tools
biztalk xlangs
biztalk xsharp
broadbandnet hardware
ca msdn netshow
cert architect mca
cert developer mcpd
cert developer mcts
cert exam mcad
cert exam mcdst
cert exam mcsa
cert exam mcsd
cert exam mcse
cert itpro mcitp
cert itpro mcts
cert mcdba
cert mct
cert officespecialist
certification networking
certification visualstudio
certification winnt-9x
ch outlookexpress
clip gallery
cmserver evaluation
cmserver general
commerceserver analysis
commerceserver announcements
commerceserver businessdesk
commerceserver campaigns_csf
commerceserver catalog
commerceserver datawarehousing
commerceserver general
commerceserver sdk
commerceserver setup deploymentoperations
commerceserver solutionsites
commerceserver userprofilemgt
crm deployment
crm developer
cs access developer
cs desktop
cs developer
cs home
cs license
cs mobiledevices
cs server
cs windows
data ado
data ado rds
data odbc
data oledb
data oledb olap
data xmlanalysis
ddk win2000 multimedia
ddk win2000 printer video
ddk win9x printer subsystems
ddk win9x still_image
ddk win9x vcomm
deployment app_compatibility
deployment desktop
design gallery
developer outlook addins
development device drivers
development device drivers docs
directx app_compat
directx audio
directx graphics
directx input_devices
directx misc
directx networking
directx video
dk c5
dk design gallery
dk officexp partner konkurrence
dk windowsxp
dotnet academic
dotnet academic assignment_manager
dotnet datatools
dotnet distributed_apps
dotnet faqs
dotnet framework
dotnet framework adonet
dotnet framework aspnet
dotnet framework aspnet announcements
dotnet framework aspnet buildingcontrols
dotnet framework aspnet caching
dotnet framework aspnet datagridcontrol
dotnet framework aspnet mobile
dotnet framework aspnet security
dotnet framework aspnet webcontrols
dotnet framework aspnet webservices
dotnet framework clr
dotnet framework compactframework
dotnet framework component_services
dotnet framework drawing
dotnet framework interop
dotnet framework odbcnet
dotnet framework performance
dotnet framework remoting
dotnet framework sdk
dotnet framework setup
dotnet framework webservices
dotnet framework webservices enhancements
dotnet framework windowsforms
dotnet framework windowsforms controls
dotnet framework windowsforms databinding
dotnet framework windowsforms designtime
dotnet framework wmi
dotnet general
dotnet internationalization
dotnet languages csharp
dotnet languages jscript
dotnet languages vb
dotnet languages vb controls
dotnet languages vb data
dotnet languages vb upgrade
dotnet languages vc
dotnet languages vc libraries
dotnet myservices
dotnet scripting
dotnet security
dotnet vjsharp
dotnet vsa
dotnet xml
dynamics environment
enable developer
enable issues
espanol design gallery
espanol sqlserver administracion
espanol sqlserver olap
excel 123quattro
excel charting
excel crashesgpfs
excel datamap
excel interopoledde
excel links
excel macintosh
excel misc
excel newusers
excel printing
excel programming
excel querydao
excel sdk
excel setup
excel templates
excel worksheet functions
exchange admin
exchange application conversion
exchange applications
exchange clients
exchange clustering
exchange connectivity
exchange design
exchange development
exchange misc
exchange mobility
exchange setup
exchange tools
exchange2000 active directory integration
exchange2000 admin
exchange2000 announcements
exchange2000 application conversion
exchange2000 applications
exchange2000 clients
exchange2000 clustering
exchange2000 connectivity
exchange2000 development
exchange2000 documentation
exchange2000 general
exchange2000 information store
exchange2000 interop
exchange2000 kms
exchange2000 misc
exchange2000 protocols
exchange2000 realtime collaboration
exchange2000 setup installation
exchange2000 transport
exchange2000 win2000
expression discussion
expression graphicdesigner
expression interactivedesigner
expression webdesigner
fdtnservices hailstrm sdk
fdtnservices netmyservices sdk
fdtnservices passport sdk
fox books
fox chatter
fox events
fox fox2x
fox fox2x setup environment
fox fox2x xplat
fox helpwanted
fox internet
fox programmer exchange
fox vfp 3rdparty
fox vfp dbc
fox vfp forms
fox vfp grids
fox vfp language-menus
fox vfp lck-api
fox vfp mac-specific
fox vfp oop
fox vfp queries-sql
fox vfp reports printing
fox vfp setup environment
fox vfp web
fox vfp xplat
frontpage addins
frontpage client
frontpage extensions unix
frontpage extensions windowsnt
frontpage programming
games ageofkings
games discussion
games zone
games zone action
games zone allegiance
games zone asherons_call
games zone beta
games zone board
games zone bridgeclub
games zone card
games zone chess
games zone fighterace
games zone fighterace flightschool
games zone links2001
games zone lstour
games zone lstour tech
games zone puzzles
games zone role_playing
games zone simulation
games zone sport
games zone strategy
games zone tanarus
games zone zonelan
games zoo_tycoon
greetings workshop
hiserver general
home publishing
hostedapps dev
imagecomposer discussion
in aspdotnet
in csharp
in dotnet
in dotnet compactframework
in dotnet framework
in vbdotnet
in win2k discforum
inetexplorer ie4
inetexplorer ie4 outlookexpress
inetexplorer ie5 outlookexpress stationery
inetexplorer nt
inetexplorer scripting
inetexplorer unix
inetexplorer win3
inetsdk html_authoring
inetsdk programming active_desktop
inetsdk programming active_scrptng
inetsdk programming comctl32
inetsdk programming components design_time
inetsdk programming components dev
inetsdk programming components packaging
inetsdk programming components usage
inetsdk programming dhtml_editing
inetsdk programming docobjects
inetsdk programming html_objmodel
inetsdk programming mshtml_hosting
inetsdk programming mstask
inetsdk programming samples
inetsdk programming scripting jscript
inetsdk programming scripting vbscript
inetsdk programming shell_objmodel
inetsdk programming urlmonikers
inetsdk programming webbrowser_ctl
inetsdk programming wininet
inetsdk sdk_setup
inetserver asp components
inetserver asp db
inetserver asp general
inetserver dbweb
inetserver iis
inetserver iis ftp
inetserver iis security
inetserver iis smtp_nntp
inetserver indexserver
inetserver misc
inetserver webtool
internet activex conferencing sdk
internet explorer ieak
internet explorer java
internet mail
internet mail mac
internet mschat
internet netmeeting
internet netmeeting beta
internet news mac
internet news reader software
internet outlookexpress mac
internet radius
internetexplorer general
internetexplorer rights_management
internetexplorer security
internetexplorer win95
investor discussions
isa clients
isa configuration
isa edu
isa enterprise
isa publishing
isa sdk-dev
isa vpn
isa wishlist
ja office templates misc
java activex
java afc
java cab
java jdirect
java macvm
java sdk
java security
java visualj++
java visualj++ activex
java visualj++ build package deploy
java visualj++ compiler
java visualj++ debugger
java visualj++ dev environment
java visualj++ general
java visualj++ ide_addins
java visualj++ installation
java visualj++ wfc
java visualj++ wfc applications
java visualj++ wfc controls
java visualj++ wfc database
java visualj++ wfc general
java visualj++ wfc html
java vm
java vm migration
java win16vm
ko ie30
ko ie40
livecomm developer
livecomm general
lt developer
lt license
lt office
lt server
lt windows
mac explorer
mac mediaplayer
mac messenger
mac office
mac office entourage
mac office excel
mac office powerpoint
mac office word
mac otherproducts
mac rdc
mac virtualpc
macintosh general
mail admin
mail connectivity
mail misc
management mmc
mappoint webservice
mcis chatserver
mcis mailserver
mcis membership
mcis newserver
messaging misc
messenger mac
microsoft transaction server administration security
microsoft transaction server announcements
microsoft transaction server integration
microsoft transaction server programming
mobility miserver
mom managementpack
mom managementpack ad
mom managementpack exchange
mom managementpack iis
mom managementpack sql
mom reporting
mom sdk
mom security
mom setup_upgrade
mom ui
mom workgroupedition
mscom webservices general
msdn annotations
msdn drgui drguidotnet discussion
msdn duwamish
msdn general
msdn magazine
msdn soaptoolkit
msdn webservices
msdntraining trainer discussion
mshardware product
msmq deployment
msmq interop
msmq networking
msmq performance
msmq programming
msmq security
msmq setup
msn dialup
msn discussion
msn messenger
msn netnews discussion
msn search
mts administration security
mts programming
mts server integration
multimedia directx danimation controls
multimedia directx danimation programming
multimedia directx dshow activemovie
multimedia directx dshow programming
multimedia directx dtransform
multimedia windows mediaplayer
music products
musicproducer discussion
news server
nntp test
no design gallery
no ie4
nordic ie30
nordic ie40
office access forms
office access formscoding
office businessscorecardmanager
office communicator
office dataanalyzer
office developer active documents
office developer automation
office developer binary file_format
office developer clipboard dde
office developer com add_ins
office developer hosting controls
office developer internet_other
office developer office sdks
office developer officedev other
office developer outlook forms
office developer outlook vba
office developer smarttags
office developer vba
office developer web components
office informationbridge
office intranets
office mac
office mac entourage
office misc
office setup
office templates misc
office xml
outlook bcm
outlook calendaring
outlook contacts
outlook fax
outlook general
outlook installation
outlook interop
outlook mac
outlook printing
outlook program_addins
outlook program_forms
outlook program_vba
outlook teamfolders
outlook thirdpartyutil
outlookexpress general
outlookexpress stationery
photodraw discussion
platformsdk active directory
platformsdk adsi
platformsdk adsi iis-admin
platformsdk base
platformsdk com_ole
platformsdk complus_mts
platformsdk component_svcs
platformsdk database
platformsdk directx
platformsdk dist_svcs
platformsdk gdi
platformsdk graphics_mm
platformsdk graphics_mm directx
platformsdk internet client
platformsdk internet server
platformsdk internet server isapi-dev
platformsdk localization
platformsdk mapi
platformsdk messaging
platformsdk msi
platformsdk mslayerforunicode
platformsdk multimedia
platformsdk networking
platformsdk networking ipv6
platformsdk sdk_install
platformsdk security
platformsdk shell
platformsdk telephony tapi_2
platformsdk telephony tapi_3
platformsdk telephony tsp
platformsdk telephony wte
platformsdk tools
platformsdk ui
platformsdk ui_shell
platformsdk win_base_svcs
platformsdk win16
pocketpc activesync
pocketpc binaries
pocketpc developer
pocketpc developer networking
pocketpc ebooks
pocketpc marketplace
pocketpc multimedia
pocketpc phone_edition
pocketpc wireless
portugal seguranca
portugal technet
project developer
project pro_and_server
project server
project vba
publisher prepress
publisher programming
publisher webdesign
reader developer
reference_arch commerce
research aura discussion
research netscan discussion
research wwmx
sba general
sba sdk
scripting debugger
scripting hosting
scripting jscript
scripting remote
scripting scriptlets
scripting vbscript
scripting virus discussion
scripting wsh
security baseline_analyzer
security crypto
security hfnetchk
security homeusers
security scw
security toolkit
security virus
servicesforunix general
shared_source cli
sharepoint design_and_customization
sharepoint development_and_programming
sharepoint general
sharepoint portalserver
sharepoint portalserver development
sharepoint setup_and_administration
sharepoint teamservices
sharepoint teamservices caml
sharepoint windowsservices
sharepoint windowsservices development
si office
siteserver analysis
siteserver commerce
siteserver css
siteserver general
siteserver knowledgemgr
siteserver per-mbr
site-server postingacceptr
siteserver publishing
siteserver sdk
siteserver search
site-server site-mgmt
site-server webpost
smallbiz sbsisp
smartphone developer
sms admin
sms installer
sms inventory
sms misc
sms setup
sms sitecomm
sms software_updates
sms swdist
sms tools
speech desktop
speech mobile
speech server
speech_tech sdk
sqlserver ce
sqlserver clients
sqlserver clr
sqlserver clustering
sqlserver connect
sqlserver datamining
sqlserver datawarehouse
sqlserver dts
sqlserver fulltext
sqlserver integrationsvcs
sqlserver jdbcdriver
sqlserver migrationassistant
sqlserver msde
sqlserver mseq
sqlserver newusers
sqlserver notificationsvcs
sqlserver odbc
sqlserver olap
sqlserver programming
sqlserver relationalserver performance
sqlserver replication
sqlserver reportingsvcs
sqlserver security
sqlserver securitytools
sqlserver server
sqlserver servicebroker
sqlserver setup
sqlserver tools
sqlserver xml
sqlxml viewmapper
sv ie4
technet howtofeedback
technet howtoneeds
technet magazine
technet technettalks
test here
uddi general
uddi programming
uddi specification
usasalesinfo developer visualc++
vb 3rdparty
vb 6 webdevelopment
vb addins
vb bugs
vb com
vb controls
vb controls creation
vb controls databound
vb controls internet
vb crystal
vb database
vb database ado
vb database dao
vb database odbc
vb database rdo
vb dataenvreport
vb deployment
vb directx
vb dos
vb enterprise
vb general discussion
vb installation
vb ole
vb ole automation
vb ole cdk
vb ole servers
vb ownersarea
vb setupwiz
vb syntax
vb vbce
vb visual_modeler
vb webclasses
vb winapi
vb winapi graphics
vb winapi networks
vb yellowpages
vc 3rdparty
vc activex templatelib
vc atl
vc database
vc debugger
vc etk
vc events
vc ide_general
vc language
vc language macintosh
vc mfc
vc mfc docview
vc mfc macintosh
vc mfcole
vc online_help
vc project_mgt
vc res_editing
vc source_editing
vc stl
vc utilities
vc yellowpages
vi debugging
vi dtc
vi general
vi setup
visio createshapes
visio database modeling
visio developer
visio developer diagrams
visio developer shapesheet
visio developer vba
visio developer vc
visio general
visio installation
visio printing
visio software modeling
visio troubleshoot
visual sourcesafe
visualj++ migration
vsnet act
vsnet debugging
vsnet documentation
vsnet enterprise tools
vsnet general
vsnet ide
vsnet jlca
vsnet servicepacks
vsnet setup
vsnet vsip
vsnet vss
vsnet vstools office
vstudio development
vstudio extensibility
vstudio general
vstudio helpauthoring
vstudio setup
vstudio sourcesafe
webservices gxa-interop
webservices toolkit
webservices wsdk
webstoragesystem development
webstoragesystem sdk eng
win16 programmer gdi
win16 programmer kernel
win16 programmer networks
win16 programmer pen
win16 programmer tools
win16 programmer ui
win2000 active_directory
win2000 advanced_server
win2000 applications
win2000 cmdprompt admin
win2000 developer
win2000 dns
win2000 enable
win2000 fax
win2000 file_system
win2000 games
win2000 general
win2000 group_policy
win2000 hardware
win2000 macintosh
win2000 msi
win2000 multimedia
win2000 netware
win2000 networking
win2000 new_user
win2000 printing
win2000 ras_routing
win2000 registry
win2000 security
win2000 setup
win2000 setup_deployment
win2000 setup_upgrade
win2000 termserv apps
win2000 termserv clients
win2000 windows_update
win32 programmer 3rdparty
win32 programmer directx audio
win32 programmer directx ddk
win32 programmer directx graphics
win32 programmer directx graphics shaders
win32 programmer directx input
win32 programmer directx managed
win32 programmer directx misc
win32 programmer directx networking
win32 programmer directx sdk
win32 programmer directx video
win32 programmer gdi
win32 programmer international
win32 programmer kernel
win32 programmer messaging
win32 programmer mmedia
win32 programmer networks
win32 programmer ole
win32 programmer pen
win32 programmer rtc
win32 programmer tapi
win32 programmer tapi beta
win32 programmer tools
win32 programmer ui
win32 programmer wince
win32 programmer wmi
win32 programmer yellowpages
win95 commtelephony
win95 dialupnetwork
win95 exchangefax
win95 filediskmanage
win95 general discussion
win95 msdosapps
win95 multimedia
win95 networking
win95 printfontvideo
win95 setup
win95 shellui
win95 win95applets
win98 apps
win98 comm dun
win98 comm modem
win98 disks general
win98 display general
win98 display multi_monitor
win98 fat32
win98 gen_discussion
win98 internet
win98 internet active_desktop
win98 internet browser
win98 internet netmeeting
win98 internet outlookexpress
win98 internet windows_update
win98 msinfo32
win98 multimedia
win98 multimedia directx5
win98 networking
win98 performance
win98 pnp
win98 power_mgmt
win98 pptp
win98 printing
win98 pws_4
win98 scanreg
win98 setup
win98 setup win31
win98 shell
win98 sys_file_check
win98 taskscheduler
win98 webtv
windna components
windna deployment
windna general
windna security
windows 64bit general
windows activedirectory dsml
windows app_compatibility
windows backgroundtransfer
windows developer mediacenter
windows developer winfx aero
windows developer winfx announcements
windows developer winfx avalon
windows developer winfx collaboration
windows developer winfx fundamentals
windows developer winfx general
windows developer winfx indigo
windows developer winfx sdk
windows developer winfx winfs
windows devices pnpx
windows devices wsdapi
windows embedded pointofservice
windows file_system
windows group_policy
windows hpc
windows inetexplorer ie5 add_ons
windows inetexplorer ie5 browser
windows inetexplorer ie5 gen discussion
windows inetexplorer ie5 outlookexpress
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming active_desktop
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming activexcontrol
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming codedownload
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming components dhtml_editi
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming components webbrowser_
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming databinding
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming dhtml
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming dhtml authoring
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming dhtml behaviors
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming dhtml scripting
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming dhtml scriptlets
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming html+time
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming misc
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming multimedia
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming offline
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming sbnworkshop
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming urlmonikers
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming wininet
windows inetexplorer ie5 programming xml
windows inetexplorer ie5 setup
windows inetexplorer ie55 add_ons
windows inetexplorer ie55 browser
windows inetexplorer ie55 outlookexpress
windows inetexplorer ie55 outlookexpress stationery
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming activexcontrol
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming components codedownlo
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming css
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming databinding
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming dhtml
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming dhtml authoring
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming dhtml behaviors
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming dhtml scripting
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming editing
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming misc
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming multimedia
windows inetexplorer ie55 programming webbrowser_ctl
windows inetexplorer ie55 setup
windows inetexplorer ie6 browser
windows inetexplorer ie6 ieak
windows inetexplorer ie6 outlookexpress wishlist
windows inetexplorer ie6 setup
windows inetexplorer ie6_outlookexpress
windows inetexplorer ie6_outlookexpress stationery
windows live customdomains techsupport com
windows live helpcommunity_platform feedback
windows live mail desktop
windows live messenger
windows mediacenter
windows mediacenter hometheaterpc
windows mediacenter portable
windows msi
windows networking firewall
windows networking ipsec
windows networking wireless
windows powershell
windows server active_directory
windows server clustering
windows server dfs_frs
windows server dns
windows server documentation
windows server general
windows server migration
windows server networking
windows server prerelease
windows server sbs
windows server scripting
windows server security
windows server setup
windows server update_services
windows server wsrm
windows sharedaccess
windows smartdisplay
windows tabletpc
windows tabletpc developer
windows terminal_services
windows vista administration_accounts_passwords
windows vista file_management
windows vista games
windows vista general
windows vista hardware_devices
windows vista installation_setup
windows vista mail
windows vista music_pictures_video
windows vista networking_sharing
windows vista performance_maintenance
windows vista print_fax_scan
windows vista security
windows95 oemdsp preinstall
windowsce app development
windowsce embedded
windowsce embedded vb
windowsce embedded vc
windowsce platbuilder
windowsce targeted device
windowsce techpreview
windowsce testtools
windowsce updates
windowsme display
windowsme games
windowsme general
windowsme hardware
windowsme internet
windowsme moviemaker
windowsme multimedia
windowsme networking
windowsme new-user
windowsme powermgmt
windowsme printing
windowsme setup
windowsme software
windowsme systemtools
windowsmedia beta
windowsmedia beta encoder
windowsmedia beta sdk
windowsmedia beta server
windowsmedia devices
windowsmedia drm
windowsmedia encoder
windowsmedia encoder optimization
windowsmedia encoder studioedition
windowsmedia player
windowsmedia player mac
windowsmedia player plugins
windowsmedia player skins
windowsmedia player solaris
windowsmedia player visualizations
windowsmedia player web
windowsmedia sdk
windowsmedia server
windowsmedia tools
windowsnt apps
windowsnt dns
windowsnt domain
windowsnt dsmnfpnw
windowsnt embedded
windowsnt gsnw-csnw
windowsnt mac
windowsnt mail
windowsnt misc
windowsnt oemdsp preinstall
windowsnt personalfax
windowsnt print
windowsnt protocol ipx
windowsnt protocol misc
windowsnt protocol ras
windowsnt protocol routing
windowsnt protocol tcpip
windowsnt registry
windowsnt setup
windowsnt terminalserver client
windowsnt terminalserver connectivity
windowsnt terminalserver misc
windowsnt terminalserver setup
windowsnt wntsee
windowsxp accessibility
windowsxp basics
windowsxp beta general
windowsxp beta help-and-support
windowsxp configuration_manage
windowsxp customize
windowsxp device_driver dev
windowsxp embedded
windowsxp embedded techpreview
windowsxp games
windowsxp general
windowsxp hardware
windowsxp help_and_support
windowsxp messenger
windowsxp moviemaker
windowsxp music
windowsxp network_web
windowsxp newusers
windowsxp perform_maintain
windowsxp photos
windowsxp print_fax
windowsxp security_admin
windowsxp setup_deployment
windowsxp video
windowsxp winlogo
windowsxp wmi
windowsxp work_remotely
wmi programmer
word application errors
word conversions
word customization menustoolbars
word docmanagement
word drawing graphics
word formatting longdocs
word international features
word internet assistant
word macword2001
word macword5-6
word macword98
word mail
word mailmerge fields
word newusers
word numbering
word oleinterop
word pagelayout
word printingfonts
word programming
word setup networking
word spelling grammar
word tables
word vba addins
word vba beginners
word vba customization
word vba general
word vba userforms
word web authoring
word word6-7macros
word word97vba
works dos
works mac
works win
xbox games
xbox halo
xbox live
xml msxml-webrelease
xml soap
xml soapsdk
xml xmlsqlwebrelease
z newsmon


arabic access
arabic backoffice
arabic design gallery
arabic excel
arabic exchange
arabic feedback
arabic frontpage
arabic fun
arabic games
arabic general
arabic ie
arabic iis
arabic localization
arabic mcse
arabic ntserver
arabic ntworkstation
arabic office
arabic office2000
arabic officedev
arabic outlookexpress
arabic powerpoint
arabic proxyserver
arabic sbs
arabic sqlserver
arabic techarticles
arabic vb
arabic vc
arabic vfoxpro
arabic visualstudio
arabic vsnet
arabic webdeveloper
arabic win9x
arabic windows
arabic windows2000
arabic word


br academia
br ado
br applicationcenter
br architecture
br asp
br biztalk server
br certificacoes
br complus
br crm
br design gallery
br developers
br dotnet
br dotnet framework
br dotnet framework adonet
br dotnet framework aspnet
br dotnet languages csharp
br dotnet languages vb
br dotnet languages vc
br dotnet vjsharp
br exchange general
br ie30
br ie4
br isaserver
br mobilidade
br mom
br office
br office developer
br retail
br scripting
br security
br sharepoint
br sms general
br sqlserver
br technet
br vb
br vfp
br virtualserver
br webmatrix
br webservices
br windows general
br windows server
br windows server sbs
br xml


bg developer
bg itspecialist

CHINA (cn)

cn access
cn announcement
cn applicationcenter
cn biztalk
cn cert mcse
cn commerceserver
cn design gallery
cn directx
cn dotnet embedded
cn dotnet framework
cn dotnet framework adonet
cn dotnet framework aspnet
cn dotnet languages csharp
cn dotnet languages vb
cn dotnet languages vc
cn dotnet mobility
cn excel
cn exchangeserver
cn frontpage
cn games
cn hardware
cn ie
cn ie40
cn iis
cn iis asp
cn inetexplorer ie5
cn inetexplorer ie6beta
cn infopath
cn isaserver
cn jscript
cn mcspmember technical
cn mscs
cn msn messenger
cn office
cn office developer
cn office templates misc
cn onenote
cn outlook
cn outlookexpress
cn pocketpc
cn powerpoint
cn project
cn security
cn sharepoint server
cn sharepoint teamservices
cn siteserver
cn smartphone
cn sms
cn snaserver
cn sourcesafe
cn sqlserver
cn vb
cn vbscript
cn vc++
cn vfoxpro
cn visio
cn win9x
cn windows developer general
cn windows server
cn windows server active_directory
cn windows server dns
cn windows server network
cn windows server security
cn windows server setup
cn windows2000
cn windowsce
cn windowsmedia
cn windowsxp
cn winme
cn word
cn xml


de access
de access clientserver
de biztalk
de crm
de downloadcenter infos
de excel
de exchange
de flugsimulator
de fox
de frontpage
de frontpage vba
de german allgemein
de german anwender directx
de german backoffice smallbiz
de german commerceserver
de german design gallery
de german encarta
de german entwickler directx
de german entwickler dotnet asp
de german entwickler dotnet csharp
de german entwickler dotnet datenbank
de german entwickler dotnet framework
de german entwickler dotnet vb
de german entwickler dotnet vc
de german entwickler dotnet vfoxpro
de german entwickler dotnet vstudio
de german entwickler einsteiger
de german entwickler techtalk
de german entwickler windows installer
de german exchange2000 general
de german exchange2000 setup installation
de german inetexplorer ie5
de german inetexplorer ie5 outlookexpress
de german inetexplorer ie6
de german inetexplorer ie6 outlookexpress
de german isaserver
de german java
de german netmeeting
de german newsgroup wegweiser
de german office
de german photodraw
de german pictureit
de german powerpoint
de german proxyserver
de german publisher
de german resourcekit
de german scripting wsh
de german sharepoint teamservices
de german sharepoint windowsservices
de german sharepointportalserver
de german spiele
de german trainsim
de german visio
de german win2000 active_directory
de german win2000 applications
de german win2000 dns
de german win2000 gruppen_richtlinien
de german win2000 hardware
de german win2000 networking
de german win2000 ras_routing
de german win2000 registry
de german win2000 setup
de german win2000 sonstiges
de german win2000 spiele
de german win2000 termserv apps
de german win95
de german win98 allgemein
de german windows dateisystem
de german windows gruppenrichtlinien
de german windows mediacenter
de german windows msi
de german windows server active_directory
de german windows server clustering
de german windows server dns
de german windows server general
de german windows server networking
de german windows server setup
de german windows terminaldienste
de german windowsce
de german windowsce entwickler
de german windowsme
de german windowsnt server
de german windowsnt workstation
de german windowspowered
de german windowsxp active directory
de german windowsxp applications
de german windowsxp dns
de german windowsxp gruppen richtlinien
de german windowsxp hardware
de german windowsxp multimedia
de german windowsxp networking
de german windowsxp ras
de german windowsxp registry
de german windowsxp setup
de german windowsxp sonstiges
de german windowsxp spiele
de german windowsxp terminalserver
de german works
de german xml
de german zertifizierung
de german zertifizierung fachwissen admin
de german zertifizierung fachwissen developer
de inetexplorer ie7
de inetserver iis
de inetserver iis asp
de infopath
de livecomm
de mom
de money
de office templates misc
de onenote
de outlook
de outlook teamfolders
de pocketpc
de project
de project server
de project vba
de security heimanwender
de security netzwerk sicherheit
de smartphone
de sms
de snaserver
de softwarefuer macintosh
de sqlserver
de update_services
de vb
de vb datenbank
de vc
de virtualpc
de virtualserver
de windows mediaplayer
de windows messenger
de windows moviemaker
de windows server sbs
de windows tabletpc
de windows vista administration
de windows vista bedienung
de windows vista dateisystem
de windows vista gruppenrichtlinien
de windows vista hardware
de windows vista installation
de windows vista multimedia
de windows vista netzwerk
de windows vista registry
de windows vista sicherheit
de windows vista sonstiges
de windows vista spiele
de word
de word vba
de xbox

SPAIN (es)

es access
es ado
es ageofempires
es aplicaciones moviles
es asp
es backoffice
es backofficesbs
es biztalk server
es com
es crm
es csharp
es desarrollo
es desarrollo aplicaciones moviles
es dotnet ado
es dotnet aspnet
es dotnet framework
es dotnet vb
es encarta
es espanol soporte entre usuarios exchange
es espanol soporte entre usuarios internet
es espanol soporte entre usuarios office97
es espanol soporte entre usuarios windows95
es excel
es exchange
es flightsim
es frontpage
es ie30
es ie4
es ie4_win31
es ie5
es ie6
es ieak
es iis
es inetexplorer ie5
es isaserver
es isp
es java
es juegos
es learningcenter
es money
es msdn estudiantes
es msn hotmail
es msn messenger
es msn suscriptores
es navision
es netmeeting
es office2000
es office97
es officedev
es officexp
es onenote
es outlook
es outlookexpress
es photodraw
es pictureit
es pocketpc
es powerpoint
es project
es proxyserver
es publisher
es reader
es seguridad
es servicios web
es sharepoint
es siteserver
es sqlserver
es update_services
es vb
es vba
es vc
es vfoxpro
es vfoxpro controles
es vfoxpro datos
es vfoxpro formularios
es vfoxpro informes
es vfoxpro lenguaje
es vfoxpro web
es vinterdev
es visio
es visualj
es vs
es vsnet
es vsnetbeta
es vsourcesafe
es webmasters
es win2000
es windows server directorio_activo
es windows server general
es windows server instalacion
es windows server redes
es windows95
es windows98
es windows98 hardware
es windows98 instalacion
es windows98 sist_operativo
es windowsme
es windowsmedia
es windowsnt
es windowsvista
es windowsxp
es windowsxp aplicaciones
es windowsxp hardware
es windowsxp instalacion
es windowsxp seguridad
es word
es works
es xbox
es xml


fi design gallery
fi dotnet
fi dotnet languages csharp
fi dotnet languages vb
fi windows server


fr access
fr access runtime
fr accessoires
fr ageofempire
fr antigen
fr axapta
fr biztalk
fr ccs
fr cmserver
fr commerceserver
fr crm
fr devinternet
fr dotnet
fr dotnet adonet
fr dotnet aspnet
fr dotnet csharp
fr dotnet olymars
fr dotnet vb
fr dotnet vc
fr dotnet visualstudio
fr dotnet vjsharp
fr dungeonsiege
fr encarta
fr excel
fr exchange
fr exchange admin
fr exchange applications
fr exchange clients
fr exchange connectivity
fr exchange misc
fr exchange setup
fr flightsim
fr forefront
fr fox
fr frontpage
fr handicap accessibilite
fr hiserver
fr hpc
fr ie
fr ie6
fr ie7
fr iis
fr infopath
fr isaserver
fr jeuxmicrosoft
fr mac
fr mappoint
fr mom
fr money
fr msn desktop_search
fr msn hotmail
fr msn messenger
fr navision
fr netmeeting
fr office
fr office templates misc
fr officedev
fr officexp
fr onenote
fr outlook
fr outlookexpress
fr outlookexpress6
fr photodraw
fr pocketpc
fr powerpoint
fr project
fr proxy
fr publisher
fr sbs
fr scripting
fr scripting ie-oe-animation
fr securite
fr sharepoint
fr siteserver
fr smartphone
fr sms
fr sqlserver
fr sqlserver analysisservices
fr sqlserver notificationsvcs
fr ssafe
fr teamsystem
fr trainsim
fr update_services
fr vb
fr vc
fr vinterdev
fr virtualpc
fr virtualserver
fr visio
fr vstudio
fr windows 64bits
fr windows live messenger
fr windows mediacenter
fr windows msi
fr windows onecare
fr windows server
fr windows server active_directory
fr windows server administration
fr windows server installation
fr windows server reseau
fr windows server terminalserver
fr windows tabletpc
fr windows vista administration
fr windows vista general
fr windows vista installation
fr windows vista materiel
fr windows vista multimedia
fr windows vista programmation
fr windows vista reseau
fr windows vista securite
fr windows2000
fr windows2000server
fr windows95
fr windows98
fr windowsce
fr windowsme
fr windowsmedia
fr windowsnt
fr windowsxp
fr windowsxp connexion
fr windowsxp debutants
fr windowsxp installation
fr windowsxp materiel
fr windowsxp multimedia
fr word
fr works
fr xbox
fr xml
fr zootycoon


gr backoffice servers
gr design gallery
gr games
gr office
gr windows client
gr windows servers


hk microsoftexchangeserver
hk microsoftsql
hk msdn connection
hk systemsmanagementserver
hk visualstudioanddevelopment
hk windowsserver2003


hu games
hu licenceles
hu office
hu project
hu windows server general
hu windowsvista
hu windowsxp


il design gallery
il hebrew access
il hebrew architects
il hebrew asp
il hebrew drushim
il hebrew excel
il hebrew exchange
il hebrew feedback
il hebrew fun
il hebrew groupware
il hebrew ie
il hebrew ie3
il hebrew iis
il hebrew junior
il hebrew mcse
il hebrew ntserver
il hebrew ntworkstation
il hebrew officedev
il hebrew olap datawarehouse
il hebrew powerpoint
il hebrew proxyserver
il hebrew sbs
il hebrew sbs45beta
il hebrew siteserver
il hebrew sms20
il hebrew sql7
il hebrew sqlserver
il hebrew vb
il hebrew vc
il hebrew vfoxpro
il hebrew webdevelopers
il hebrew win95
il hebrew win98
il hebrew windows2000
il hebrew windowsmedia
il hebrew word
il israel general
il israeli sitebuilder
il mobile general
il office
il project
il security
il system management
il visio
il windows
il windows server

ITALY (it)

it biztalk
it bosbs
it crm
it design gallery
it dotnet ado
it dotnet asp
it dotnet csharp
it dotnet framework
it dotnet framework webservices
it dotnet vb
it dotnet vc++
it dotnet vstudio
it dotnet windowsforms
it dotnet xml
it dynamics
it exchange
it foxpro
it giochipc
it internet_explorer
it isaserver
it networking
it office
it office access
it office excel
it office frontpage
it office outlook
it office powerpoint
it office project
it office publisher
it office visio
it office word
it outlookexpress
it pocketpc
it pocketpc marketplace
it scripting
it sharepoint
it sicurezza
it smartphone
it sql
it vb
it virtualmachine
it win98
it windows
it windows live messenger
it windows mediacenter
it windows vista
it windowsmedia
it windowsupdate
it windowsxp
it winserver
it xbox

JAPAN (jp)

jp access
jp adsi general
jp applicationcenter
jp backoffice
jp cmserver general
jp commerceserver
jp crm
jp design gallery
jp dotnet framework
jp dotnet framework adonet
jp dotnet framework aspnet
jp dotnet general
jp dotnet languages csharp
jp dotnet languages vb
jp dotnet languages vc
jp dotnet languages vjsharp
jp dotnet vsnet
jp enable
jp excel
jp exchange
jp frontpage
jp games
jp games ageofempire
jp games flightsimulator
jp groupboard
jp hardware
jp hiserver general
jp home
jp home hagaki
jp ime
jp inetexplorer mac
jp inetexplorer win
jp inetserver asp
jp inetserver iis
jp infopath
jp interconnect
jp isa
jp mediacenter
jp mediaplayer
jp mom
jp money
jp msinformation
jp office
jp office developer
jp office mac
jp office setup
jp office templates misc
jp onenote
jp outlook
jp outlookexpress mac
jp outlookexpress win
jp pocketpc
jp powerpoint
jp producer
jp project
jp proxy
jp publisher
jp resourcekit
jp rights_mgmt_svcs
jp sbs
jp security
jp servicesforunix
jp sharepoint portalserver
jp softwareupdatesvcs
jp sqlserver server
jp storage
jp technet
jp test
jp usage
jp vb
jp virtualpc
jp virtualpc mac
jp visio
jp visualc
jp vstudio general
jp win2000
jp win95
jp win98
jp windows 64bit
jp windows directx
jp windows embedded
jp windows file_system
jp windows group_policy
jp windows server general
jp windows server setup
jp windows tabletpc
jp windows vista
jp windowsce
jp windowsme
jp windowsmedia technologies
jp windowsnt ws
jp windowsupdate
jp windowsxp
jp windowsxp communicationtools
jp windowsxp compatibility
jp windowsxp device
jp windowsxp multimedia
jp windowsxp networking
jp windowsxp setup
jp word

KOREA (kr)

kr access
kr appcenter general
kr asp qna
kr biztalk general
kr cms general
kr commerceserver general
kr design gallery
kr directx
kr dotnet adonet
kr dotnet asp
kr dotnet component
kr dotnet csharp
kr dotnet framework
kr dotnet general
kr dotnet remoting
kr dotnet vb
kr dotnet vc
kr dotnet vstudio
kr dotnet webservices
kr dotnet windowsforms
kr dotnet xml
kr excel
kr exchange qna
kr frontpage
kr games
kr his general
kr ie60 qna
kr iis qna
kr isa general
kr koie50 qna
kr mis general
kr mom general
kr office qna
kr officexp qna
kr outlook qna
kr outlookexpress
kr platsdk qna
kr pocketpc
kr powerpoint qna
kr project qna
kr sms qna
kr sps general
kr sql
kr technet
kr vb qna
kr vc qna
kr visio qna
kr win2000 qna
kr windows hardware
kr windows mediacenter
kr windows network_web
kr windows qna
kr windows server activedirectory
kr windows server clustering
kr windows server dns
kr windows server general
kr windows server migration
kr windows server networking
kr windows server security
kr windows server setup
kr windows98 qna
kr windowsmedia
kr windowsxp qna
kr winme qna
kr winntsvr qna
kr winntwks qna
kr wmt qna
kr word qna


lv developer
lv license
lv office
lv server
lv windows


nl crm
nl devtools
nl exchange
nl games
nl hardware
nl ie
nl iis
nl isa
nl mac
nl office
nl office access
nl office excel
nl office frontpage
nl office outlook
nl office powerpoint
nl office project
nl office publisher
nl office visio
nl office word
nl office xp
nl security
nl servers
nl sharepoint
nl smallbiz
nl sms
nl sql
nl windows
nl windows 2k
nl windows ce
nl windows me
nl windows mediacenter
nl windows mediaplayer
nl windows nt
nl windows vista
nl windows98
nl windowsxp
nl windowsxp home
nl windowsxp installation
nl windowsxp maintenance
nl windowsxp music
nl windowsxp networking
nl windowsxp photovideo
nl windowsxp pro
nl windowsxp remote
nl windowsxp security
nl works
nl xbox


pk certification mcse
pk developer
pk general
pk office
pk office2000
pk windows
pk windows2000


ph philippines certified
ph philippines certified events
ph philippines certified jobs


pl design gallery
pl developer
pl dotnet
pl exchange
pl games
pl ie5
pl iis
pl internetexplorer
pl navision
pl office
pl pocketpc
pl project
pl sbs
pl security
pl sqlserver
pl windows
pl windowsupdate
pl winserver


pt access
pt design gallery
pt dotnet
pt excel
pt exchange
pt frontpage
pt ie
pt ie4
pt iis
pt isaserver
pt jogos
pt office
pt outlook
pt pocketpc
pt powerpoint
pt publisher
pt sbs
pt sql
pt vsnet
pt windows2000
pt windowsxp
pt word


ro developers
ro itspecialist
ro license


ru access
ru axapta
ru msdn
ru navision
ru office access
ru russian dotnet
ru russian frontpage
ru russian hardware
ru russian inetexplorer
ru russian office
ru russian outlook
ru russian outlookexpress
ru russian programming
ru russian server
ru russian windows
ru russian windows vista
ru russian windows2000
ru russian windowsxp
ru russian wishlist
ru sqlserver
ru vb
ru vc


th care
th da
th design gallery
th office
th products
th ts
th windows


tr access
tr applicationcenter
tr biztalk
tr certification
tr channel bosbs
tr channel exchange
tr channel ntw2000
tr channel ntw2000pro
tr channel office
tr channel sql
tr commerceserver
tr crm
tr design gallery
tr dotnet
tr excel
tr exchange
tr gelistirme
tr ie4
tr iis
tr internetexplorer
tr isa
tr mom
tr msn messenger
tr ntserver
tr office
tr outlook
tr outlookexpress
tr oyun-donanim
tr powerpoint
tr project
tr scripting
tr security
tr sharepoint
tr smallbizserver
tr sms
tr sna
tr sql
tr visio
tr win9x-ntw
tr windows
tr windows moviemaker
tr windows server
tr windowsmedia player
tr word


tw access
tw biztalk server
tw dotnet framework
tw dotnet framework ado
tw dotnet framework aspnet
tw dotnet framework webservices
tw dotnet languages csharp
tw dotnet languages vb
tw dotnet smartdevice
tw dotnet vjsharp
tw dotnet vsnet
tw excel
tw exchange
tw exchange actif
tw exchange admin
tw exchange datasystem
tw exchange develop
tw exchange integra
tw frontpage
tw games
tw ie
tw ie30
tw ie40
tw iis
tw inetexplorer ie6beta
tw isa
tw mshardware
tw msn messenger
tw office
tw office developer
tw outlook
tw pocketpc
tw powerpoint
tw project
tw publisher
tw security
tw sharepoint
tw sharepoint teamservices
tw smartphone
tw sms
tw sql
tw storage
tw teamsystem
tw technet general
tw visio
tw visualstudio
tw vsnet
tw win2000
tw windows
tw windows embedded
tw windows mediacenter
tw windows server
tw windows server clustering
tw windows server sbs
tw windowsce
tw windowsmedia
tw word


ua developer
ua general
ua licensing
ua office
ua win
ua winsrv


uk autoroute
uk money
uk windows mediacenter


za biztalk
za cmserver
za commerceserver
za dotnet
za exchange
za foxpro
za officexp
za outlook
za security
za sql
za vsnet
za vsnet setup
za win2kpro
za win2kserver
za win9x
za windowsxp
za windowsxp multimedia
za windowsxp networking
za windowsxp setup

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