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More Search Resources
  • Formerly “Ask Jeeves.” Strong search engine that claims fewer clicks to your answer.
  • DTS-L Fast Web Search Provided by DTS MVPs. Raging, Google, DogPile, DejaNews & more.
  • Vivisimo Document Clustering Another search engine which nicely groups its results into useful categories.
Researching Web Sites & Domains
  • SingTel IX Traceroute Server Sometimes you need to run a traceroute from a location other than your own. Why not run it from Singapore?
  • IP Address Locator Tool by GeoBytes. Find the geographical location of an IP address.
  • Netcraft Web Site Finder Find out what OS base a web site is running on, its uptime history, hosting information, etc.
  • URL Check by MS-MVP Bill James. Lets you confirm if a URL is currently live, then, optionally, view the page. (In IE6 it requires security be set to Medium-Low, or Medium with Access Data Sources Across Domains set to Prompt or Enable.)
  • DNS Stuff Another great site information tool, much more thorough than the others on exposing DNS records. The companion site, DNS Report, gives perhaps the best one-page summation of domain status.
WhoIs & Additional Research Tools
  • Sam A wonderful collection of online web tools, including whois, traceroute, DNS, and reverse DNS tools, an obfuscated URL search, IP block search, and a “safe web browser” that shows site content without risking browser vulnerabilities. Click here to go directly to the tools and their descriptions.
  • Domain White Pages Another great whois, traceroute, and DNS records. Not as user friendly as Sam Spade, doesn’t have all the same features, but has a few tools that my favorite detective doesn’t have.
Traditional WhoIs
  • Name.Space The old standard WhoIs (domain search) tool on the web.
  • An alternate WhoIs site. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t take IP addresses.)
  • Domain Surfer Search for domains using wildcards in the name — in case you forgot exactly what it’s called.
General Research Resources
  • MapQuest You use this all the time already, right? Still has more detail than any of the others.
  • Google Maps This is still in Beta... but already it threatens to make MapQuest obsolete. (And is there anyone who thinks those satellite views are not cool?)
  • Sun & Moon Rise/Set Calculator A handy calculator from the US Naval Observatory.
  • U.S. Gazatteer from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • New and claiming to be “The most comprehensive people search on the web,” it is already pretty good and can be expected to get better!
  • Spock Where are you on the web? Who is saying what about you? This is one of the most interesting people-finders around.
  • WhoWhere? The Lycos people finder. (These days, Google and other sites probably do it better! But this classic link is still worth keeping around.)
  • A great history site, that also focusses on historic roots of items currently in the news. I like This Day in History.
Language Aids & Resources
  • BabelFish Alta Vista’s language translation site.
  • This has... dictionaries! Easy English dictionary and thesaurus, plus specialty dictionaries, non-English dictionaries (even Latin!), and more. A really exceptional site.
  • iTranslator by Bowne Global Solutions. A BabelFish alternative.
  • Latin Dictionary & Grammar Aid by Kevin Cawley at Notre Dame.
  • NetLingo What do all those acronyms and buzzwords mean that people use on the Internet? And how ’bout those emoticons? Does your WAG draw a WE? This site may be your salvation!
  • Rhyme Zone Generates rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, related words, homophones, similar spellings & more!
  • Shakespearean Insulter When you want to really give it to someone, give only the best, thou wimpled onion-eyed puttock!
  • ’Strine Decoded The definitive lexicon of ’Strine.
  • Word-a-Day. Anagrams (try your name in this one!). Get dictionary and thesaurus information delivered by email. If you love (or are at least fascinated by) “the music & magic of words,” check this out.

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