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Last updated March 19, 2003
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Windows Protection Errors can occur due to many different causes, including: virtual driver (VxD) problems, including conflicts between real-mode and protected-mode drivers, or when a protected-mode driver already initialized is loaded from SYSTEM.INI, or when a VxD file is damaged; a damaged Registry; a virus; a damaged WIN.COM or COMMAND.COM file; CMOS settings errors; Plug-and-Play malfunction; and hardware problems, including a malfunctioning cache, malfunctioning RAM, or a damaged motherboard. The articles and other links below should be quite helpful in identifying and resolving these problems.

OVERVIEW. See: Troubleshooting Windows Protection Errors.

SEARCH FOR MORE WPE’s. If you cannot find your Windows Protection Error message below, try these links to search the Knowledge Base for others in Win95 Win98 Win ME.

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