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Windows 98 to Windows 98 Second Edition
Revised January 3, 2004
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by Gary Woodruff
© 2001-2004 by Author, All Rights Reserved


When you install Win98 SE, upon completion you will find all the Power Management Settings reset to the default. This is done to make sure Power Management installs correctly. Your IE5 Cookie setting also may be set back to default. Check them.

If you have Norton AntiVirus installed, you need to turn it back on by reversing what you did to turn it off above. You also will get a warning from Norton AntiVirus, shortly after the install, about how your files have changed. Choose “Inoculate” NOT “Fix.” Newer versions tell you what to do if you have just installed a new Operating System. But be careful because, if you do the wrong thing, it plays havoc with your system file dates.

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