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Suggestions for Preparing to Install

Revised January 3, 2004
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by Gary Woodruff
© 2001-2004 by Author, All Rights Reserved

Or: For those who like fooling around with their computer and absolutely positively have to know they are clean and ready for the Millennium Upgrade. The average user will probably not need to do anything other then to make sure any AntiVirus program is disabled! This is my compilation, but I used suggestions from my fellow Desktop Systems MVPs. See the Desktop Systems Home Page.


Remember that the $59 Millennium Upgrade Version will only upgrade a Win98 installation. The $109 Upgrade Version will upgrade back through Win95. Both will clean install, but with Windows ME an upgrade is best so that you have the fewest problems with device drivers.

I suggest you look at the text files in the root directory of the Millennium Upgrade CD. They are a good resource for the install. They include: TIPS.TXT, SETUP.TXT, and CLEANHD.TXT.

If you are concerned with hardware compatibility issues, check them out here first: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility List.

Also: Millennium starts by copying all of its CAB files to your hard drive, so it may complain about lack of space on C:. If you don’t like the idea of having the CAB files on C:, first do a copy of the whole win9x folder from the CD into a folder on a different hard drive partition, together with SETUP.EXE, and run the install from there. Leave them there after the install, as Millennium likes to have its files at hand.


Your system will be squeaky clean and ready for the Millennium Upgrade. It normally takes from 25 minutes to an hour, depending on the system.


Remember to go to the Windows Update site soon after the install and make any updates available.

System Restore is found at Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore. A new Restore Point is automatically created if you have room on the install partition upon completion of the upgrade. Remember this if things deteriorate soon after the upgrade.

When I upgraded to Millennium, all my settings made the trip as set. It would be a good idea to check any settings you normally make, such as Security settings, View as a Web Page, etc., soon after the upgrade. In my original install, I had Scheduled Task turned off. Millennium turned Scheduled Task back on to enable Automatic Updates and PCHealth Scheduler for Data Collection. I turned PCHealth off in Scheduled Task, and then under "Advanced" selected "Stop Using Scheduled Task" to put things back as I had them before the Upgrade. You may choose to leave these features running.

If you have Norton AntiVirus installed, you may also get a warning shortly after the install about how your files have changed. Choose "Inoculate," NOT "Fix." Newer versions tell you what to do if you have just installed a new Operating System. However, be careful because if you do the wrong thing it plays havoc with your system file dates.

It is a good idea, after the install, to delete everything from the Windows\applog folder so task monitor gets a clean start. You can still use SCANREG /OPT /FIX periodically to keep your Registry healthy. (Run it from Start | Run.) It runs much faster and will reboot after running.

Remember to turn back on:

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