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Please explain what is meant by
(a) "System Resources"
(b) "Memory."
I’ve always lumped Resources and Memory together.
My Resources drop as low as 50-60% much of the time. What’s wrong? Should I worry?
When Resources reach a certain low level, my computer slows, freezes, etc. Are you sure you can run with Resources that low?
Where does one see the amount of Resources consumed, as opposed to "memory"?
Why do System Resources not return to their full value after I exit all programs?
How can I manage applications that consume lots of Resources?
Can I throw more RAM at them?
Are there third-party apps that help “handle” resource-guzzling applications?
Would it help if I switched to Windows 2000, Win ME, or Win XP?
It seems “resources being drained” & “memory disappearing” into the murky waters of Win98 or ME are entirely separate entities!
Can you recommend further reading?