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Upon the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) in August, 2004, several members of the MS-MVP community (led especially by MVP Jim Byrd) wanted the opportunity to develop and gather their best recommendatons for SP2’s deployment, plus solutions to unique problems that might arise. I offered to set aside room on AumHa Forums where this evolving information could be stored with easy public access and the freedom to dynamically update it quickly and often in the early rapid-learning weeks. It was a great success, with over 100,000 viewings in its web forum incarnation.

With the passage of time, the information and recommendations have stabilized. It is time to give the information a more permanent home and to begin integrating it with other Win XP information. Hence this present page. Please note that the information below came from many contributors (who are credited in each instance), and my primary roll has been editor and publisher. — Mr. E.

NOTE: Initially, this page will contain only links to the original forum articles. As time permits, the content will move to this page, replacing the links. Therefore, this present page is probably the best starting point for accesing SP2-specific recommendations and solutions.

Installing Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Pre-Installation Recommendations

Forum: Preinstallation Recommendations by Robear Dyer, Alex Nichol & Jim Byrd

Doing the Installation

Forum: Doing the Installation by Alex Nichol, Jim Byrd & Maurice Naggar

Tidying Up After Installing SP2

Installing SP2 leaves a lot of space on your hard disk taken up by files you would only ever need if you were to uninstall SP2. Once you are sure you are happy with the upgrade, do the following:

See also: What to do after installing Service Pack 2 (SP2) (Tip from Robear Dyer)

Specific Issues in SP2

Forum: Specific Issues in SP2

Other SP2 FAQs & Best Practices

Forum: Other SP2 FAQs & Best Practices

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