Ancestry of James Arthur Eshelman

Francesco DeSio was born in Italy. He married Fortunata Siano.

Fortunata Siano was born in Italy. She married Francesco DeSio.

They had the following children:

  M i Vincenzo DeSio was born on 22 Jun 1877.

Alfonso Apuzzo [Parents] was born about 1855 in Italy. He died on 8 Feb 1900 in New York, NY. He married Felicia Penna on 30 Jun 1883 in New York, NY.


Felicia Penna [Parents] was born about 1863 in Italy. She married Alfonso Apuzzo on 30 Jun 1883 in New York, NY.


They had the following children:

  F i Margherta Apuzzo was born on 9 Jul 1884. She died on 27 Jun 1927.

Andrea Apuzzo.Andrea married Margarita D'Maria.

Margarita D'Maria.Margarita married Andrea Apuzzo.

They had the following children:

  M i Alfonso Apuzzo was born about 1855. He died on 8 Feb 1900.

Antonio Penna.Antonio married Carmela Polymera (or Polmeri).

Carmela Polymera (or Polmeri).Carmela married Antonio Penna.

They had the following children:

  F i Felicia Penna was born about 1863.

Ed UNKNOWN.Ed married Nellie Reese.

Nellie Reese [Parents].Nellie married Ed UNKNOWN.

Fred Reese [Parents].Fred married Clara UNKNOWN.

Clara UNKNOWN.Clara married Fred Reese.

Lloyd Reese [Parents].Lloyd married Donna UNKNOWN.

Donna UNKNOWN.Donna married Lloyd Reese.

Johannes Eshleman was born on 10 Aug 1782 in Lancaster County, PA.


He had the following children:

  M i John B. Eshleman was born on 31 Mar 1803. He died on 12 Sep 1875.

George Waechter Jr. [Parents] was born on 23 Sep 1823 in Germany. He died on 26 Apr 1892 in Akron Citizens Cemetary, Akron, IN. He married Mary UNKNOWN.

Mary UNKNOWN.Mary married George Waechter Jr..

James Bahelman.James married Mary E. Putman.

Mary E. Putman [Parents] was born on 15 Jan 1854 in Hancock, Ohio. She died on 16 Jun 1937 in Rochester, IN. She married James Bahelman.

Other marriages:
Eshleman, Jacob P.


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