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Last Updated November 21, 2008
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This page is for freeware favorites suggested by site visitors. I have no personal need/interest (or haven’t had time to check them out), but offer them for your consideration since YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). As I receive suggestions, items are added here as time permits, using the words and names of the person who recommended the program. Click here to submit your freeware suggestions.
WANT EVEN MORE FREEWARE IDEAS? When recommendations come in from site visitors that I don’t have time to add to this page, I put their unedited recommendations in a special Freeware Recently Recommended by Visitors forum.

Updated 3/12/05
Belarc Advisor Much expanded System Information tool
BigFix Consumer Patch manager & fix-finder
Fresh Diagnose Benchmarks & system info
PC Wizard Hardware reporting / system info tool
System Analysis for Windows SysInfo alternative
Updated 4/25/04
AntiVir Personal Edition A popular antivirus program.
Avast! Antivirus A popular multi-featured antivirus program.
AVG Anti-Virus System A popular multi-featured antivirus program.
Little Memory Scanner Possibly the smallest AV scanner available.
WinHKI Antivirus Light-weight, uses checksums instead of a data base.
Updated 1/2/05
Avant Browser IE overlay shell, acts like a new browser
CacheSentry Cleans up IE problems
CopyURL Adds right-click options for URL shortcuts
Favorites Search - IE plug-in, adds feature to Favorites
Fresh Download Download manager
InfoGrid Alternate IE search interface
Mozilla Firefox Open source browser based on Mozilla
Panicware Pop-up Stopper Eliminates browser pop-up windows
RoboForm Completes web-based forms, manages online passwords
Slim Browser IE overlay shell, acts like a new browser
SpoofStick Combats Phishing by disclosing true URL
New 10/1/04
4Diskclean Deletes .TMP files.
Chaos Shredder File “shredder” (high security super-deleter)
EasyCleaner Registry cleaner, clears temp files, etc.
Empty Temp Folders Finds & empties various temp folders
Eraser Security. Enhances performance. Frees space.
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility Clean Winstaller Registry entries
Updated 9/20/05
ePrompter Automatically pulls email from multiple accounts.
Mozilla Thunderbird Alternative email client
OEBackup Backup Outlook Express
OESpell Spell-checker for Outlook Express
Popcorn E-Mail Alternative POP3 email client & monitor
Safe Express Free Email client with encryption & spam filtering.
StripMail Strips special characters from forwarded emails

SpamBayes Bayesian-style spam filter
SpamPal Anti-spam protector
Updated 3/8/05
csbFTP Adds FTP upload to Explorer’s right-click menu
FileZilla Open-source drag-n-drop FTP program
FTP Commander FTP program
LeechFTP FTP program
Quick ’n Easy FTP Server FTP client and server
SmartFTP GUI-based FTP program
Updated 11/7/04
Easy Music Composer Free Music Composer
JAlbum Java-based photo album creation.
PaintStudio Lite Image viewer/editor.
PicWalker Image viewer, previewer, editor.
Pixie Color picker.
TPlayer Music player & mixer.
Web Album Generator Creates photo albums for the Web
WMSnap Screen copy with additional tools.
XnView Image viewer.
New 10/2/04
HoverIP GUI-based ipconfig, ping, tracert, etc.
ICS Configuration Help Utility ICS configuration tool
IP Calculator LAN config calculator
IP Scanner Scans open/closed WAN/LAN ports
Port Reporter Monitors ports used by applications.
Port Scanner Scans status of all ports.
SoftPerfect Network Scanner Multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS & SNMP scanner.
Updated 1/2/05
Edxor Notepad alternative
NoteTab Notepad alternative
Programmer’s Notepad Notepad alternative aimed at coders.
Proton Text editor with code-sensitive color highlighting.
Updated 10/4/04
Calc98 Scientific, engineering, statistical & financial pocket calculator
CDBurnerXP Pro CD burning program
Deadline Graphical scientific calculator
FontXindex Print installed fonts list
Kirby Alarm & Task Scheduler Alarm, task-scheduler, auto-launcher.
LFN Tools LFN-sensitive command line utilities.
NetRun Autolaunch programs when you log onto a network
PageDefrag Defragger, also defrags pagefile & Registry
QuickMix Store/retrieve sound mixer settings
Regshot Registry snapshot tool
Saint Martin’s Synchronization SMS utility for one-way drive synch
Updated 7/30/03
AR RamDisk Create a ramdisk on NT-based versions of Windows
RAMDisk Create a ramdisk on Win 2K/XP/2K3
Updated 8/8/05
ABC Chaos Document encryption security tool
AES Free Makes self-extracting 128-bit encrypted AES files
BHODemon Monitors & manages Browser Helper Objects Added 8/8/05
CHAOS Generator Password generator.
LockXP Locks Win XP even if Fast User Switching is enabled
Proxy+ Proxy server
Password Corral Password manager with many security features
Proxomitron Flexible proxy provides excellent parasite & other protection

Bazooka Adware & Spyware Scanner Parasite scanner
EliteToolbar Remove Removes the Elitebar, Nail, & more Added 8/8/05
SpywareBlaster Protection against contracting spyware
SpywareGuard Protection against activating spyware

Quick Hide Windows Bossware! I single hotkey instantly hides all windows

Firewalls & Other Port or Services Managers
Outpost Firewall Firewall
StopListening Closes open ports
VisualZone Enhances intrusion info provided by ZoneAlarm
Windows Worms Doors Cleaner Closes known vulnerable services
ZoneAlarm Firewall Added 8/8/05

Launch Control
StartupMonitor Warns if a program tries to install itself for startup launch
Updated 4/22/06
AboutTime Time synch program
Atomic Clock Sync Synchronize time of computer clocks
NetTime Time synch program accessing 140 servers
NISTime Synchronize time of computer clocks
TClockEx Enhanced taskbar clock
Updated 12/30/04
HTML-Kit Powerful HTML/XML editor with JavaScript, PHP & other capabilities
REL Link Checker Lite Verify up to 1,000 links
Xitex WebContent M1 CMS Start! Content Management System
Updated 3/20/06
ActiveIcons Change icons in many ways. Added 8/14/05
Clipomatic Expands Windows clipboard functions
FileNote Stores your text descriptions of files
Gadwin PrintScreen Print screen utility, adds several conveniences
HDCopy Copies one hard drive to another
Scaven Data recovery
Screensaver Druid Manages screensavers
Send To Toys SendTo context menu editing
TweakAll Extensive Windows UI tweaking
VirtuaWin Virtual desktop manager
Wallpaper Positioner Position image on desktop wherever you want

Disk Usage/File Distribution
Folder Size shell extension Sort folders by size; other features
SequoiaView Disk usage visualization tool
SpaceMonger Disk usage visualization tool
Type Parser Shows file distribution by file extension

File Manager Enhancement/Replacement
Date/Time shell extension Edit file or folder timestamps
FileAnt Graphical file manager, FTP, more.
GiPo@MoveOnBoot Delete, move, or copy files on next boot. Added 8/14/05
Gyula’s Navigator Norton Commander clone
PowerPro Mammoth toolbar & macro utility, general shell enhancer
Quick Folders Shell add-on, tracks most recently used folders in file dialogs
Rainbow Folders Customize folder colors in My Computer Added 8/14/05
Renamer File & folder renamer, mover, manager
ReplaceEm Multi-file string replacement & modification
rjhExtensions Windows shell extensions
Scanner Directory content visual tool

Key Mapping & Macros
AutoHotkey Keyboard/joystick macro, text replacement, launcher
KeyTweak Custom key mapping

Agent Ransack Enhanced file searching tool

Startup Managers & Program Launchers
BatchRun Graphical batch process executor
H-Menu Sophisticated launcher. Added 8/14/05
Startup Control Panel Controls startup program loading
Traybar Task launcher for apps & folders
Tse’s Startup Schedule Launcher Flexible startup & application launch manager
Updated 2/20/06
ALzip Zip utility
CHAOS Self Extractor Creates self-extracting compressed files
FilZip Zip utility
IZArc Zip utility
JustZIPit Zip utility
WinHKI Packer Zip utility
ZipGenius Zip utility
Zipper Zip utility
Updated 1/18/04
3D Traceroute Graphical traceroute program
Bart’s PE Builder Pre-install environment better than MS Win PE
ChaosPro Fractal art generator
CutePDF Printer PDF creator
DPServer Web server software
Driver Wizard Identify needed drivers; limited download features
Fractal Explorer Fractal art generator
GSplit File splitter
Link Verify Audit link exchanges
Karen’s Power Tools Dozens of helpful small tools
OmniHTTPd Web server software
OpenOffice.org MS Office alternative
PureText Strips formatting from clipboard text
ReplaceEm Find-and-replace across multiple files
RivaTuner Nvidia video adapter tweaker
Trillian Skinable, flexible instant messenger utility
WordWeb Dictionary & thesaurus

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